Chapter 27

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Nash's POV

  Me and Callie are at the park eatig our food and playing around.

I love being around her because she is so much fun and crazy.

But I got a text that we can leave Flordia on Sunday.

The sun was about to set so i thought i would be a perfect time to leave.

"Hey Callie i have some where else to go with you"

Her face light up as i took her hand to go to the car.

Next was the caben.

I packed the blanket and basket up as we left.

Brooklyn sent me the address witch was closer than i thought it would be.

I looked at the clouds and they were getting heavy and dark.

I drove fast so i wont get stuck in traffic.

Before i new it i was there.

The cabin was just wood and it looked small.

I got out and ran and callies door and opened it.

She walked out and said thank you.

I walked by her side and and held her hand.

She got tence and relaxed at my touch.

I held the door open for her and of course she says thank you.

"You brought the extra clothes right?"I asked.


She pulled out her purce and got the sweat pants and a shirt.

"I will be right back" she said.

"Ya me too" I said back.

I grabbed my clothes and went in the bathroom.

I was done changing so i just went back into the living room.

I didnt see Callie so I just sat down on  the leathered couch.

About 2 minutes after Callie came out with same clothes she had in her hands.

"What do u want to do?" she asked.

"We can watch a movie"

I pointed to the box of movies we could watch.

Me and her went by the box and saw what movies Brooklyn brought us.

I saw Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones.

"What about this?" I asked.

I know she doesnt like horror movies but i just want her to see them.

" I dont know it looks really scary" she repiled.

"Dont worry I will be right by your side." I said back


Aleemas POV

I looked at my stomach and its already big.

I hated it.

My shirts whould streach we are always going to be travling when the baby comes.

Cameron is a big help and i really really want to have this baby.

Cameron is out getting his hair cut right now while i am alone.

Tomorrow when Brooklyn and Callie are free are going to go buy baby things so im ready.

Brooklyn says that i really have to prepare becaue since me and cameron are both crazy we will be having a crazier kid running around.

Even Callies and brooklyns brothers are crazy and they cant stand eachother.

Everyone is so busy exept brooklyn and taylor but they are probably on there own dates.

I heard a knock on the door so i pushed myself up and wobbled as i get to the door.

"hi aleema"

Iwas suprised i didnt know what to do all i could say was..


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