the introduction

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*lily-rose's p.o.v*

I've just been woken up by Sarah the snobby blonde recptionist its only 7:00 am what the hell does she think she's doing. Does she not see I need my beauty sleep. You only need to take one look at me to see I could never get enough of that.

"Lily, THE miss lovato has enquired

about adopting you, you need to get dressed she'll be here in 30 mins" The miss lovato? what's so special about this woman that she's THE miss lovato since when were are some people more special than others other than celebrites. Not that I really know of any celebrities. Its not like I can pop down the road and grab a CD when im stuck in this dump!

Anyway I dragged myself out of bed and showerd. I threw on a black dress and black tights god I look so fat. Might as well try and look half decent though right. Any chance of getting out of here I will take. However I know from past experience that this is always where I re-end up in the end.

Sarah and I walked to the introduction box room. It is literally just a tiny square room that smells weird.   Demi was already there and wow was she beautiful I smiled when she said I was going home with her because it finally clicked who she was. That's when my demons reminded me that this wouldn't'nt last... just like the other one's besides its better to tell myself its not going to work than get my hopes up and be let down. 'Let down' is a feeling I know WAY too much about.

I don't know much about Demi but I do know she's an actor and singer and that she's been to rehab I'm not quite sure what for though. She cant be that famous though right? I mean I've never heard of her. I haven't exactly heard of a lot of people though I suppose.

I returned to my room and began to pack the little amount I owned, which really was little, before going into my bathroom and making sure the door was locked. I dug around in my makeup bag and found my blade. I dont know why I wanted to do this right now but I suppose it had become second nature. Sure I didn't want Demi to see but atleast if she did she would know what she was getting herself into.

I pulled of my cardigan and drew an invisible line with my finger across my skin. I than placed the sharp part of  the shiny metal on the tip of that line and mimicked it. I closed my eyes and pushed down making sure not to hit any veins. Instant weight was lifted of my shoulders. I repeted this 4 or 5 times before washing it under the tap and putting it back safely. I wiped my cuts with a flannel and then dried them before putting on my cardigan and going for a mid-day sleep

*demi's p.o.v*

I drove into town and went to a girly home depor shop I decided to go for a pink theme. pink duvet,pink wallpaper,pink lamp,pink eveything. Man I hope she likes pink. I also brought her a new wardrobe a mix of jeans, dresses, leggins and tops.

I got home and than Marrisa and I decorated her room. I gave her the biggest with a en-suite and king sized bed she also had a plasma t.v, a laptop and an iphone.

I want to spoil lily because I get the  feeling she hasn't'nt had the best life so far. I can't help but keep wandering why no one has kept her longer than 6 months. I know that I will never return lily she's a child NOT a doll that can just be returned!!!!!

Finally,  tommorow is the day I get to pick up lily and I can't wait. I know she'll be nervous so I'll settle her down first and than 2 weeks from now my family are coming to stay for a week. Hopefully Maddie and lily will get along because they're the same age. I know I should get some rest I've got a longgggg day tommorow. I want it to be one of the best days of  Lilys life. She will finally have a permanent home.

(A/N: hello you lovely lot. Again this has just under gone a lot of editing so I really hoped you enjoyed it. Do you know what I enjoy? Watching like 10 episodes of an old favourite show in a row ( Did anyone used to watch H2O: just add water) damn that was a good show. If you actually read this part than comment ' I have a secret: im a mermaid' (it will be our little secret ;) )

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