The next morning, Starr wakes up to find Cole missing from the bed. It was a wonderful time being back in Cole's arms, but something wasn't right. Starr couldn't put her finger on it, but something just didn't feel right about making love to Cole last night. And Starr didn't feel the same connection to Hope that she did before. But Starr puts the thought out of her mind. She just wants to concentrate on having Cole and Hope back in her life. That's all that matters, Starr thinks to herself. 

Starr puts on her robe and goes down the hall to play with Hope. Oh, how she missed playing with her daughter. Starr enjoys watching Hope play with the dolls that are in the playroom. There is even the Mr. Sprinkles that Hope had given Hope right before Cole and Hope had "died." Hope loved that doll. So why wasn't she playing with it. When Starr gave it to her, Hope wouldn't put it down. She carried it with her everywhere. But now it lay on the floor, forgotten, as Hope latched onto another doll. 

Just then, Cole appeared in the doorway, Starr forgetting what her last thought was. She was just glad to see Cole. She went to give Cole a Cole, glad to see him.  

"So, how are my two favorite girls?" Cole asks, after kissing Starr. 

"We're just great. I came in here to watch Hope play. You don't know how much I missed you too. My heart died when I thought you two were dead." 

"Well, we're back now, Starr. You have nothing to worry about." Cole says, reassuring her. 

"So, what are we going to do today?" 

"Well, let's go on a family picnic." Cole replies to Starr. 

"That sounds like a great idea." 

Cole and Starr head downstairs to plan and make arrangements for their family picnic. They decide to go to their favorite spot in the park. As Cole are preparing for their picnic, Cole receives a text from Helena: 

"I need to talk to you right away." 

When Cole sees it, he makes an excuse to leave Starr as she continues to prepare for their family picnic. 

"Yes, Grandmother, what is it?"  

"Stefan, I need to know how things went with Starr?" 

"They are great, Grandmother. Starr doesn't suspect a thing. She thinks I'm Cole and that the little girl in the playroom is her daughter Hope." Stefan reassures her. 

"Oh, thank you Stefan. I'm so glad you're on my side. I thought your father, Stefan, Sr. would've turned you against me. I can now see where your loyalties now lie." 

"Yes, Grandmother. Now I have to get back to Starr before she wonders where I am." 

"You're still going through with the wedding?" 

"Yes, Grandmother. We're discussing the arrangements. We've planned a family picnic at our favorite spot in the park." 

"Great! You're doing a great job, Stefan. I knew you would never disappoint me." 

"Never, Grandmother." 

Stefan ends their call and heads back to the kitchen to help Starr with their picnic. He is falling in love with Starr after their night of lovemaking. He is going to make sure the real Cole stays in the cell back on that Greek island. He will do whatever it takes to make sure the real Cole doesn't resurface.

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