Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 ~ Edited

Harper's POV

-----3 weeks later-----

Exactly one month ago today was the day I met Connor, Kian, Ricky, and Jc for the first time. I've been over to their house about 5 times to hangout and watch movies and I'm starting to be good friends with Andrea and Lia. I've only met Jenn once but we talk quite a bit.

Right now it's about 11:00 in the morning and I've already taken a shower and gotten ready for the day. I'm not doing anything, but I didn't feel like sitting and being lazy all day. I had work yesterday all day long so I didn't really talk to any of the boys.

I talk to Connor and Ricky the most. I still have feelings for Connor and Ricky is my best-friend. Ricky will get me through any tough moments, I just know it. He's the type of guy that will listen and be there for you. It's a good thing I haven't had to have someone there for me through a tough time for a while though.

I haven't talked to my mom hardly at all since the whole Connor thing. 3 weeks. I've probably only said a total of 20 words to her. I think she is starting to get used to the fact that I'm just going to ignore her.

I don't really talk to people unless they are my close friends.

My mom was about to leave for work as she yelled upstairs, "Harper come down here for a minute!" I groaned and got out of bed and trudged down the stairs. "I need you to go over to Jonas's house and ask his mom if I can have her recipe for the lasagna." She smiled and then said, "Thanks hun. Love ya bye." And she walked out and left.

Guess she hasn't totally picked up the hint.

Jonas was just a neighbor and I've only talked to him once because my mom made me go to a dinner over at their house. Our parents are pretty good friends. I walked over and knocked but Jonas answered the door almost immediately.

"Hey Harper!" He said shocked.

"Hi Jonas." I said looking down. "My mom needs the lasagna recipe."

"Oh okay one second." He said walking to his kitchen and coming back with a paper. "Another date?" He asked.

Last time my mom needed this recipe she had a date come over. It didn't work out. Probably another date but what can I do? Leave the house. Yeah, I'll do that.

"I don't know. Haven't spoken to her." I shrugged. "Thanks Jonas. Tell your mom I said hi."

I walked back to my house and put the recipe on the counter. I went back upstairs and flopped on my bed. I had a text from Connor.

From: Connor💕 (he put the hearts after his name about a week ago)

Exactly one month ago today I met you! And I'm so happy that happened! I better thank Jc. Well text me back when you get a chance please.

I decided to text back so we had a mini conversation.

H- I'm happy we met too(: whatcha need?

C- jeez. Best friends can't just text without needing something. Okay you got me. Come over(:

H- when?

C- right now silly

H- fine. Give me a few minutes.

Ugh. Sometimes boys are so needy.


Connor's POV

I needed to see Harper. I haven't seen her for 3 days, it's not that long, but I'm in love with her. I haven't told her yet. I've only told Ricky. Jc is editing right now so I think I'm going to go tell him.

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