Chapter 1

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End pf the college course couldn't have came at a better time, you know the feeling when you cant take anything else in and your turning up at classes just for the sake of turning up, well I'm at that point. Due to graduate once this semester has finished and head out into the big wide world couldn't come quick enough, right now I’m sat in Starbucks waiting for John and Lucy to get here, waiting for the couple isn't   anything new considering it takes Lucy AGES to get ready...obviously today wasn't any different.

"Hey man, sorry we're late" apologizes John for the millionth time since we've met a couple years ago.

"No bother mate, not like its the first time" I smile to Lucy

"Smartass" smirks Lucy

"Sorry, I don't like to disappoint" I smirk back at Lucy before laughing, we've been friends since the first day of university, I met her at the open day and she sensed I was a shifter of some kind and almost bolted in the opposite direction, she's a wolf same as me but would be near the middle of a regular pack so me being from dominant set her alarms off and kicked in her fight or flight response so quick I had to grab her before she chose another university. It took me almost an hour to calm her down enough to get her to have a coffee with me in a public place for her to let me explain about myself and that I wasn't going to eat her...since then she's been practically a little sister to me and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for her including looking the other way while she dated an asshole wolf from her pack that was abusive and arrogant as hell. When she eventually got up the courage to finish with him I beat him black and blue for her, she doesn't know that though...she knows I'm a rogue wolf from a nameless pack, I’m happy to let her think that, as if she knew I was from the Indigo Creek Pack that had been ‘completely’ wiped out because they were mounting an uprising against the council (bullshit!), nevermind that I’m a descendant of the Alpha of the Cathach Clan, I don't think she'd stay my friend never mind almost family.

"You up for a night out tonight? There’s a band I wanna see from back home playing over here tonight and we've got tickets" John smiles at me, knowing I’ll not pass up going to see a live band and what can I say the boy’s got good taste in music. John's a year younger than Lucy and two years younger than me at 20 years old but he's a good lad and also a shifter a bear from Canada who moved to America with his family when he was 14, he and Lucy hooked up a year ago at one of the gigs we went to, I'm glad their together because I like john but if it became a choice between the two of them I’d pick Lucy every time but I’m glad I haven’t had to make that choice yet and hopefully never will.

"Dude you gotta come, the bands awesome and if you don't come I’m gonna ban you from Lucy for a week" he pouts like a child

"OK, OK, you've twisted my arm" I smile and start laughing aloud as I realize Lucy just clipped John around the head for using her as a bribe.

"So what you guys doing for the summer? I know Lucy is going home to her pack, but what about you john, you meeting her anytime this summer?"

"Holiday with the ‘rents and then meet up with Lucy when we get back to the US hopefully, what about you? you going back to your pack or something I don’t know much about a rogues lifestyle, sorry" he replies, embarrassed 

"Nah, a rogue doesn't have a pack, we live the solitary lifestyle but I just plan on working on the bike and just bought a house up in Great Falls, Montana, I was hoping before you guys go back to school you could come up for a weekend" I smile knowing my surprise house buying had caught Lucy off guard.

"When did you buy a house? A fucking’d you pay for that? And in Montana it means your only 40 minutes or so from me...yay, is it free territory? well it doesn't look like I’m going back to my pack either...fucking idiots!" Lucy all but trips over her questions before snarling at the last part 

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