I got adopted. By Sherlock Holmes

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Mary Anne's pov

I have to run.

That's all that's going through my mind. I don't care my legs are on fire. Or that my lungs feel like their collapsing. I have to get away. I can hear him not far behind me. He's going to catch me. And kill me.

" Oh Annie!'' I hear him call closer now. He laughs his evil laugh and just as I make it to a clearing he grabs my shirt and I wake up.

In my bed in my house. There's no man and there never has been. I've been having these dreams for about a week but really didn't think anything about them.

My door suddenly opens and my mom dad and younger sister are in my room with a cake. Oh yeah. It's my thirteenth birthday.

"Happy Birthday Anne!" They all scream at me.

"Thanks guys." I say as they bring the cake over to me. It's a Tardis cake with wands and runes on the cardboard under it. Coming out of the Tardis is Percy Jackson with his sword ready. My mom really out did herself this time.

"Mom I love this cake!" I said not wanting to cut into it and ruin it. My mom blushes and says. "Well it helps having a team of 5 bakers and edible paper." My mom runs a bakery.

"I know you said you didn't want anything for your birthday but we got you some thing anyway." My dad said and ran to the hall. He comes back holding a guitar. I squeal.

"Yes I've always wanted a guitar." I said taking it.

"Well get dressed we're going to eat in an hour." My 8 year old sister Sarah said.

"Ok I'm be out in a minute." I said running to my en suite. As I'm getting ready my mind drifts back to my dream. Why do I keep having it. It's the same dream every night with me waking up just as he catches me. I've never seen him or know his name. It's strange.

When I'm finished in the bathroom I head to my closet to get my birthday dress. It's a dark blue color that falls above my knees with a few sparkles around the waist. I slip on some black heels and twirl in the mirror. I look good.

I run down the stairs and meet my parents.

Little did I know it was the last time I was ever going to have a meal with them.


A/N. Hello People who just read my story. I'm writing this story because I wanted to write a Sherlock fan fiction and I didn't want to do the same old same old romance. So I'm doing this. Now can you guys bear with me because Sherlock and John will be coming in the 3rd maybe 4th chapter. Just bear with me. I hope to update every few days but I might update a couple times to day cause I'm bored.

Hope you liked it!

Keep being fabulous


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