"Your not very smart to take from motherfuckers like me" Queez stated pursing his lips as he blew out dense clouds of smoke, before placing the lightly discolored blunt unto the silver ash tray besides him as he eyed the culprit with a jagged stare. 
"Imma need a moment of honesty right of now or I can kill you right here ya feel me? , So who sent you?" he queried with a blank facial expression as he flipped opened his switch blade besides the mans neck.

"Killing me still wouldn't even prevent what's coming to you" he spatted flicking a bit of his salvia across his face in which he had immediately brushed off.

"And exactly what's coming to me" he questioned, turning off the safety of his silencer before tossing hisself at the center of his chair.

"The General" he smirked "just you wait, you and what you think you have will all be gone before a blink of an eye, I'd watch myself if I were you" he continued.

Caressing the stroke of his chin in his grasp he let his words fall into consideration before retrieving his 9mm silencer and snapping the lever shut. "The General" Ace repeated, breaking the cold silence after the demise from where he stood.

"If this Generals a bad motherfvcker, fvck he doing around getting people to do his dirty work for" he retorted, sucking his teeth. Blanking out into a state of mind he cautiously began to pick at the title like it was some sort of card game thrown at him. The general? He picked at the title again. What? Did the n*gga think he was some sort of high threat or something.
He couldn't even have the guts to meet eye to eye with him, If anything he was nothing but a p*ssy, a lame one at that too. The General he rephrased in his mind a bit more amused. General or Not he knew he was nothing compared to him and that's just exactly how he'd keep it.

"Right now this the least of our worries Ace" he stated returning back to his current state of mind. "let's focus on cleaning this mess up" he said referring towards the lifeless body between them.

"No problem I've got it" he announced willingly grabbing a couple black bags before dragging the corpse his way. Rubbing his face exhaustedly, Queez stalked his way over towards his jacket retrieving his phone, vibrating from out the depths of its pockets and glanced at the screen. His fingers instantly accepting the call from the glowing contact name, that he had instantly come to recognize. "Wassup man?" he greeted wasting no time in showing recognition to his right hand man. "Yo Queez where you at man?" Ragz drunkly hollered from the other side of the line.
"Fuck you mean where I'm at?, I'm at the mainstream where you were suppose to be, fuck was you n*gga?" he barked out defensively, after stalking back to his desk. His hand tightly securing the phone in his grip while the other frustratedly stroked the strands of dreads from out his face.

"Im Down at the crib man you know a man can't be a bad host"

"So what you want me to do a n*gga busy as of right now" he stated, sternly watching as Ace dragged out the body into the elevator.

"I want you to head down here that's what n*gga, you know I need my whole crew with me" he explained, causing him to suck his teeth in annoyance. Last thing he wanted was another cold reminder of things leading on to his current pain. It sucked coping with the fact the love of his life wanted nothing to do with him. Though it wasn't all that hard when hustling been what's on a n*gga's mind day and night. Which had somewhat made it easier to forget though for him in that matter he didn't quite want to. But it was the life he chose to go if a rich lifestyle was what he wanted, and small jobs weren't something that would accommodate his grand taste.

"Come on man shit far from the usual, all you can think of from the baddest b*tches in the game to the illicit bottles you can't miss it man"

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