Returning Home (Plus one little smut)

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This is short...IRUSHEDMYSELFOKAY?! QAQ *runs to corner*

Pinky's (Hiko's)  point of view~

What was amazing was how fast Annie had got me home, I was so happy that I could see my mama and friends again. Then again I was dreading something else, I had yet to know what it was. Once we had arrived at my mothers, Annie stopped the car and looked at me with a smile. "I'm going to miss you, pinky!" She exclaimed to me, making me flinch but soon as smile reached my lips. "Haha, I will miss you as well, Annie" I spoke in a soft voice, getting out of the car and grabbing my bags with me. As she pulled out, I saw my mother run out the front door. "H-H-Hiko, baby!" Her tears ran down her cheeks fast, making my heart shatter. I ran to her and hugged her, "Mama, it's alright I am here" I said with a frown. My mother had grown shorter over the years, and she looked so bad. I kissed my mothers forehead. "I need to get to that thing in an hour, so...wanna talk?" I had asked her, causing her to pull away and nod.

We both went into the house, looking around I could see nothing changed at all. Taking a seat on our same old couch I looked at my mother with a smile. "So, how have you been?" I asked her, causing her to flinch a bit at my question. "Mama?" Was she sick? Was I gone so long that this would happen? "Hiko baby..." my eyes looked at her tear stained face. "I need you to stay here..." She begged me, looking me straight in my purple eyes. "M-Ma..." I was taken aback by this, for I had a few more years of college to go through!

 "Hiko, baby. Please" I wanted to leave then, go somewhere where I didn't have to see my crying mother. It was killing me more by the second. "I-I'll think it over mom..." I said, standing up and going towards the door. "Hiko..." I looked back at Carol with a smile. "Don't worry, mom. I will think it over" I said before leaving out the door. Once I was out I slumped against the brick house. "So hard" I whimpered out, running a hand through my white/pink hair and walking down the sidewalk. Some people watched me, which was uncomfortable. I soon saw my destination ahead and rushed over. 

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~  Le smut me and Ariel wrote ~

Being girls, impossible. One minute were boys then the next we have breasts and a vagina! Could this life get any more confusing? Oh but yes! Of course. Not only that, but here Aiden was undressing me! "A-Ahn! Aiden! Stop doing that!" I whined out, due to his hands squeezing my small breasts. Why did he get the big titties?! Not fair... Aiden's hands soon took off my pants, along with the underwear I had left. I let out a mewl as he stuck a finger into me. "A-Aiden!" I cried out, my hands clenching onto the bed sheets. Aiden soon pulled out a toy, and a rather large one. "U-U-Uhm..." I stuttered out. He placed it at my intrance before slowly pushing it in. "F-Fu!" God dammit did it hurt! He/She soon placed it at his/her own entrance, causing my eyes to widen. "A-Aiden wh-at are you doing?" as he slipped his hips forward, I felt the fake penis go deeper into me. "A-Aiden! Oh god!" I rocked my hips, causing him to let out a moan. "Hiko, come on...lets do it faster" as he/she quickened his/her pace of rocking his/her hips forward I shivered. 

Never would I have imagined it would have felt so good! We soon both became a moaning mess, "Ai- Ahh!" I  could barely say his/her name now! As we began to quicken the rocking we both soon screamed each others name and came together. "Get it out of me" I whined, motioning to the toy. Aiden pulled it out of both of us, causing me to let out a tiny mewl and grab something to clean the bed with. "I wish to become a boy again..." I said to Aiden with a pout. He/She nodded his/her head. We both began to become tired, and went to sleep. Our bodies wrapped around each other to keep warm, and it worked. 

 The next morning, I was a boy again, as well as Aiden. And it just so happens that my mother and Aiden's aunt decided to put something in our food! How cruel! Anyway, we had talks with them or well more like arguments. In the end my mother apologized but all in all was on the ground laughing her ass off, as well as Aiden's aunt. We're just happy to be back to normal, and hopefully I can stay like this forever. Because being a flat chested girl while looking at Aiden's large breasts...the thought just makes me wet... 
Hiko! No no! Bad boy! Sorry

That was fun xD Hope you liked it xD

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