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Pen Your Pride

My baby

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Chapter 19

My baby


(About a month has passed so the baby is about 12 weeks along, (3 months) the first trimester has been completed and the mother(Riley) is starting to show but it does not look like much of a baby bump only like she has put on some weight)

I was thankful that it was now Christmas break. I woke up to the sound of the front door slamming.

Crawling out of bed I was met with a cold gush of air.

I shivered due to me only wearing a right tank top that left my midriff exposed and a pair of Sophie shorts.

I glance around my room and find my window slightly open.

I shut it and cut off the wind quickly, then I run down stairs to find the source of the Noise

Reaching the bottom of the stairs I find Will and his crew sitting around the x-box in the living room with Lucas.

I still haven't told Will or any one else Jason and Layla are the onlys that know so far.

"Do you guys have to make so much noise?" I whine

"hey Riley! " Trevor shouts from the couch.

I give a small wave to him as I walk to the kitchen.

I pour myself a bowl of cereal and grab the hidden vitamins the doctor have me from the cabinet . After I get out the right amount I put them back in my secret hiding place . As I eat my cereal I feel a pair of arms wrapping around my waist .

My heart starts beating faster as I turn my head slightly to look at Will.

"Can I help you?" I ask him turning my head back.

"You've been avoiding me"

"No I haven't I've been ...... Um busy?"

It's true I have been avoiding him at all cost I could count the times we have spoken since I found out about the baby, on one hand.

"It's been three months Riley"

"I know I'm over it." I state as I move out of his arms and place my bowl and spoon in the dish washer.

Without saying anything else I run up to my room and slam the door shut.

Moving to the closet I find a pair of jeans and a light pink sweater.

I slid on the jeans and pull them up. I try the button but it doesn't reach. I try again but the pants are too tight.

I walk over to my mirror and stare at my stomach. A slight bump has now taken place instead of my flat stomach.

I rub one if my hands on my stomach. I stare for while in amazement. I was having a baby. It still seems so strange to me.

I change into pair of tights and slide my UGG boots on and the sweater. After I grab my purse I head down stairs.

After a few good byes I head out side to where Layla is waiting

Hopping inside of her car I quickly buckle up and she drives off.

" So I was thinking we could go to the mall after the doctors and we could shop and eat. " she says while driving.

"Sure, I need some new clothes anyways" I say while sliding on a pair of sunglasses

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