D. Gray Man one shots

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You were on your first mission since you joined the Black Order a few weeks ago. You're best friends are Allen Walker, Yu Kanda and Jerry but they hate each other so much that some days, you just want to kill them with your bare hands but, you can't do that unfortunately. Jerry and Lenalee (at times) are the only one who keeps you sane everyday. Without them you'd be an emotional wreck.

"Allen!! We gotta go now!! We have a mission you asshat" you yelled for him.

"Alright alright! Sheesh what's your problem? On your period or something?" he replied and opened the door for you and you entered into his room pissed off and gave him the I-am-actually-on-my-period look.

"I'm so sorry Y/N I didn't know okay!" he stuttered as you glared at him, shooting daggers at him.

"Briefing in 5. AND DONT BE LATE ASSHOLE!!!" you yelled at him pissed off, stalking off to see Kanda.

Sure enough he was late and you had enough of this. "I'll be training. Don't tell them where I am. Or I will kill you when you least expect it. Understood?" you snarled.

Lenalee nodded and handed you some ice cream and chocolate.
"It's from Jerry." she whispered to you.

You smiled for the first time that morning.

"Well what're you smilin' about sweetheart?" Jerry asked you.

"Thank you Jerry for the ice cream and chocolate. You sure know how to calm down a girl when 2 boys piss her off" you thanked as you hugged him tightly.

"I'm always here for ya cutie. No matter what." He smiled and he hugged you back, kissing your forehead.

Jerry hands you a note from Allen saying to meet him where you first met. You smiled and you ran as fast as your legs could carry you to the river. You panted as you grew tired but you pushed yourself even further before you were drenched with sweat. You didn't see any sign of Allen and you took off your long sleeved shirt to revel a black ruffled crop top. You waited for him to arrive but in the end he never did and you fell asleep, waiting for him to arrive.

A few days later (you pushed yourself too much and your body had shut down to catch up on the energy used up) you woke up in the hospital and Allen was by your bedside, clutching your hand and crying. Kanda was crying too and he couldn't take it anymore and punched the wall beside you.

"Kanda... I'm okay. Now let me see your hands." You whispered to him.

He let you examine his hands and they were badly bruised.

"Can you get me some food for myself and Allen please Yu?" you asked sweetly, pulling your infamous puppy dog eyes.

"Of course Y/N I'll be right back." he said smiling when he went out of the room, ignoring the fact that you used his first name.

You quickly shook Allen awake but it didn't work. You called over Lenalee who helped you put him on your bed.

"Allen please wake up." you pleaded him, shaking him awake.

It didn't work so you slapped him and did everything you could to wake him up.

"Allen please... I love you" you sobbed as you gave him the kiss he was craving for: the famous Midnight Kiss.

You were cursed by an akuma who was previously a witch so technically you were cursed by a witch and an akuma. Long story short the witch/akuma cursed you at midnight so hence the name Midnight kiss. It has the ability to make someone immortal, come back from the dead (if they died) or wake someone up from a very deep sleep.

"Y/N what did you say?" Allen asked you.

"Allen... I love you. I understand if you don't..!" You confessed but you were cut off by a kiss from Allen.

You responded by kissing him back and wove your fingers into his thick brilliant white hair you loved to pieces. As you dreamed of it was soft as silk and you gasped when he bit your lip, his tongue darting into your mouth, exploring it. You both fought for dominance and he won. As you pulled away for air, he kissed down your jaw and moaned when he found your sweet spot, just under your ear. He sucked on it and bit it then he returned his mouth to yours, attacking them once again.

"Will you please do me the honour of being my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend Y/N?" He asked you on one knee.

"Yes I will Allen! I love you" you accepted his proposal and you kissed him once again.

Kanda brought you, yours and Allen's food and he quietly asked him something. Allen nodded and kissed you and you smiled in your kiss.

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