My Drug Lord:Family First (Sequel)

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"Sevyn , If i tell you one more time to stay still ima knock you into yesterday little girl"

I yelled at my 5 year old daughter. I grabbed her arm and sat her back down so i could finish braiding her hair .

"Mom , mom , mom " my 3 year old son yelled over and over .

" yes , Khamryn?" i asked sighing .

" Where's Daddy?" he asked .

"Your father's working son. Go watch cartoons or something please " i told him patting his butt.

"Mom , im hungry . Whens dad gonna be here?" Sevyn asked me.

" We're going out to eat when princess ,Damon and Katrina gets here . Your dad's on his way. i believe .Mhm , speaking of the devil" i smiled when i heard the door open and close.

"Daaaddyyy!" Sevyn jumped out the chair and ran to him , jumping in his arms. She never does that to me. It kind of makes me jealous .

"Wussup baby?" Shawn put Sevyn down and pulled me into his arms. I breathed in his cologne and let go.

"How was your day , Mr.Bossman?" i asked leading him into our office to have our dailu discussion.

"It was good . I didn't have no problems with my money . Everything went smooth . Wheres my son at?" he asked curiously.

" Hes in the theatre watching cartoons. Please dont go bother that bad ass boy Shawn!" I yelled after him . He had already went to go look for him . I giggled and shook my head . He already gone get that baby started.

I walked back out the office when i heard the door bell ring. I opened the front door and smiled.

"Hey guys , we've been waiting for yall three. Hey Katrina , Sevyns in her room" i told her after giving her a hug. She skipped down the hall to my daughters room .

I stepped aside so they could come in. Princess grabbed my arm and yanked me into the kitchen out of our husbands earshot .

"Damn bitch , dont brake my arm " i grabbed it away from her .

"Shutup , guess what?" She said .

"what?" i giggled .

"If i tell you , you have to act like you never knew " she said .

"ok , shoot ma"

"Shawns taking you and the kids to africa next month" She whispered.

"Bitch , why would you tell me?" I mugged her .

"Because , i wanna go . I haven't been anywhere since we moved from London to New York . i wanna explore the world too" she whined.

"Well , tell Damon. What am i supposed to do about it ?" I rolled my eyes.

"He doesn't know , i know" she frowned.

I busted out laughing . "Well , you out of luck bitch " i flipped my weave and went back into the living room.

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