Chapter 13

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*Niall's P.O.V*

Louis: Niall, we need to talk. It's Chlo.

Me: What's up? Is she okai?

Louis: You need to get her help. She's been cutting so much lately, taking too many pills. Sleeping pills, depression pills, anything she can find. Niall, she's no where near okai.

My heart started beating faster. No, she wouldn't do that. She's not that kind of girl.

Me: What do you mean?

Louis: I think... I think she might be trying to,, to kill herself

He whispered the last part. Realization shone in his eyes.

My baby, she can't be.

I had to sit down.

Zayn came running in.

Zayn: Niall! Louis! Chlo locked herself in the bathroom. We can't get the door open. We need you two to help us.

I got up and sprinted to the bathroom

Me: Please? Please let me in?

Chlo: Let me go? Nobody will miss me. I can't take the hate. i can't do this. 

Me: Babe, we'll all miss you. I'll be here every night and day to help you through. So will all the boys. We can disable your twitter, facebook, anything, just please let me in?

The door clicked open and I ran it.

She turned around, dropping the glass of water and pills. She had cuts up her arms and legs. Her white vest and shorts were blood stained and her eyes full of tears.

I picked up the razor and rolled up my sleeves. I began to cut so many times over and over. It took Chlo a while to process what was happening before rushing over and taking away the blade. I held out my arm.

Me: Cut it. Cut it as any times as you would cut yourself.

Chlo: I-I can't hurt y-you though babe

Me: It hurts more emotionally seeing you like this than physically.

Chlo: I love you so much.

Me: I love you too-

She dropped to the floor.

Me: Babe? Boys! 

They ran in and looked at Chlo on the floor.

Liam bent down next to her and checked her pulse.

Liam: She's still alive. Louis, go call 999, Harry, look after Niall, Zayn, help me sort her out.

Harry guided me out into his room.

He hugged me while I cried into his neck. His arms wrapped around me. He pulled me away and looked into my eyes. He looked down and saw the cuts on my wrists. He walked out of the room and returned with a first aid box. He wrapped a small bandage around me wrist, covering the cuts. We both stood up and hugged until we heard the sirens of the ambulance. 

Harry: Come on bro. Everything will be okai. It may take sometime, but Chlo will get better. She took the pills, but not enough to kill her. She'll be okai. She's gonna be looked after. 

Liam, Louis and Zayn walked into the room. 

We got into the circle that we usually get into before shows.

Liam: We gotta stay strong okai boys.

Zayn: Agreed. Everything will be okai.

Louis: Chlo's on her way to hospital

Harry: See Niall? I told you

Me: Thank you boys. I love you wil all my heart. Thank you for being my brothers. I couldn't manage without you.

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