Inevitably the moon waned to it's fullest form and Remus was once again sequestered in the shrieking shack much too soon.

It was a Friday so Hermione spent the day in classes but as the sun set, and the occupants of the castle retired to their common rooms, Hermione felt increasingly agitated. She certainly didn't feel like sleeping, knowing Remus was out there alone and in pain. She knew there was nothing she could do however so she pulled out her homework and started on her Transfiguration essay. It was a good distraction and took her quite a while. By the time she had finished the common room was completely empty. She guessed it must have been about 2am but she still doubted her ability to sleep. Nevertheless she made her way up to the girl's dormitories. Lily and Emily were soundly asleep so as silently as she could she slipped on her pajamas and climbed into her bed.

She turned on her side and waited for sleep to overcome her but Emily hadn't closed her window and she found herself facing the open skies, a perfect view of the rounded orb framed by the curtains. Cursing she turned over and squeezed her eyes shut. But sleep continued to evade her and now the back of her head tingled as if the moon was shooting beams at her through the window, coaxing her to turn over towards it.

She picked up her watch and squinted through the darkness to read the dial in the dim light.

It was three in the morning.

Hermione sighed, her eyes were heavy but she still couldn't sleep. All she could think of was Remus. She strained her ears as if perhaps if she tried hard enough she might hear his call, but it was fruitless -Remus was too far away.

Hermione pulled back the covers, tiptoed out of her bed and around Emily's towards the open window. She peered outside but the tower was facing the wrong way and she couldn't see the Whomping Willow that held her thoughts. Disappointed she turned her back to the window, contemplating whether to try to sleep once again, but the bed held only the promise of more unrestful hours so instead she made her way out of the room and headed downstairs towards the empty common room.

The fire had long since died out and Hermione felt chilled realizing she had left her dressing gown upstairs and was only clad in a pair of silk shorts and short sleeved shirt.

She could see the grounds through the window of the common room and a thought struck her that perhaps she might be able to see the tree from the boys' dormitories since they were facing the other way than then girls'.

Quietly she made her way up the spiral staircase, stopping outside of the room she knew that the sixth year boys shared.

She pushed the door open cautiously and peered inside. One of the beds had the curtains drawn but the two lumps in the others signaled the sleeping forms of the remaining boys. Remus' bed rested undisturbed in the corner near the window.

She moved to said window and gripped the ledge. The cold stone was freezing to her fingertips but sure enough directly below the window could be see the large swaying branches of the tree that caged her wolf. Her Remus.

The branches swayed with a non existent wind, mysterious against the backdrop of still trees. It danced its own dance and Hermione felt content to watch its performance, somehow feeling closer to its prisoner just by being able to gaze upon it.

"If he knew you were worrying about him it would only make him feel worse," came a sleep muffled voice from her left.

"Sirius," she smiled guiltily.

"My," he replied yawning and stretching his arms above his head. He shuddered as his arms felt the cool night air and pulled them back under the sheets. He looked at her startled and pulled back a corner of his covers. "Get in here now! You'll freeze to death," he admonished.

Hermione smiled wearily and slipped in beside him obediently. "I couldn't sleep," she whispered as she curled up into his chest.

His arms wrapped around her sharing his warmth and she slipped a leg in between his.

"I know," he replied as he stroked her hair.

And that was all she remembered as sleep finally granted her welcome.

She was awoken next morning by the loud banging of the dormitory door.

It must have been late in the morning for the sun had fully risen and the rays blinded her vision so that she had to raise an arm to block the glare.

She didn't wait for her eyes to fully become adjusted as she made out the form of Remus standing only meters away from the bed.

Perhaps she wouldn't have bounded with such excitement towards the fierce young wolf if she had seen the look of contempt upon his face but, as the light was blinding her vision, she hadn't and instead happily pushed herself from the bed, kicking Sirius roughly in her eagerness.

Sirius groaned from the sharp pain in his leg but when he looked up, unlike Hermione, he didn't miss the disdain in his friends face, grimacing through the pain he quickly mouthed 'she couldn't sleep' towards his friend, hoping that he would understand.

Remus seemed to understand as his frown lines eased and he looked down upon the bouncing woman at his chest. She had first appeared as if she was going to throw herself at him but she had stopped at the last second, he thought, perhaps noticing his not-so-pleasant disposition.

Easing her worries he grinned wolfishly down at her and lifted her up for her to wrap her hands around his neck, his own hands cupping her arse forcefully.

Hermione snuggled her face into his neck, bestowing the juncture between shoulder and neck with soft kisses.

Remus growled in appreciation and hoisted her up further letting her feel his arousal against her soft body.

Hermione yelped in surprise, gripping his shoulders tight, her nails digging into his solid biceps.

Remus' sapphire eyes were full of lust as his peered into Hermione's glimmering brown ones.

Hermione sighed in contentment as he held her close, moving towards his own bed before throwing her down upon it.

His body trapped hers as he crawled over the top of her on all fours.

"Ah-hem," came an amused voice from somewhere behind Remus. "Are you forgetting something?" taunted James.

"I don't think so," Remus growled, his eyes not leaving Hermione's. Hermione thought she might melt from their attention alone.

He didn't break his hold on her eyes as he lowered his head either. His teeth grazed the buttons of her silk top as with a wicked smirk he used them to flick open her top button, moving onwards to the next.

"Ah, I think we'll just go, come on guys," Sirius beckoned as she could hear the hastened shuffling of the other boys, grabbing clothes and leaving the room as quickly as possible whilst Remus moved from button number three on to button number four.

"You do that," Remus replied, his voice a purr.

The door shut with a resounding 'bang' not more than a minute later as the last of them left.

Remus' hand had found his wand and he flicked it towards the door, a 'click' reverberating through the emptied room, before he threw the wooden stick to the ground, leaving both hands free to roam her body...

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