The Hardy family decided that they would have Mae stay with them until Cooper was able to do the tasks of raising a child by himself. She agreed to it as long as Cooper did his best to do it himself. The plan of action seemed to have failed on the first night he had her. He went into the spare bedroom to ask Mae for help when he couldn't get his daughter to stop crying. It was nearly one in the morning and Mae had been sleeping for nearly three hours now.

"What do you need?" She asked tiredly. She ran a hand through her messy, blonde hair. She didn't bother sitting up.

"Musette won't stop crying! How do I make it stop?" He asked. Mae sighed and got out of bed to help him. She hadn't yet taught him how to feed her, so she may as well do it sooner than later.

They went into the kitchen, a crying Musette in Cooper's arms while Mae taught him how to get the bottle ready. She showed him how to mix the formula and how to make sure it's at the right temperature, and how one should spray a little on their wrist to check if it's alright. She handed him the bottle and he gently put it to the baby's mouth, she drank it soundlessly. He smiled and thanked her for helping him.

"No problem. Now that you know how to do it, you should try by yourself next time. I would suggest preparing a few bottles before she goes to bed so you don't have to make one while she is crying." Mae said. He nodded.

"Thanks for the tip. You can go back to sleep now if you like. Sorry I woke you up, I just didn't know what to do." He said. She nodded and saluted him tiredly. She went back into her bedroom and went back to sleep.


Cooper placed Musette back in her crib inside his bedroom. He couldn't get back to sleep after that, even though she was back to sleep in less than fifteen minutes. He just had so much on his mind that he had trouble doing anything but think about what was going on in his life lately. He had only told a few of his friends about the baby, he preferred to tell everyone at the party tomorrow night. That's when he would introduce everyone to his new daughter.

The party was actually a welcoming party for his friend Jack Osmund. He was a successful script writer who lived in LA. He decided he would come to this little town to gain some inspiration for a new script he planned on writing. He was excited to see his friend of a few years now. He knew that he wouldn't judge him for having a baby. Jack was a regular family man, and wanted kids and a wife more than any guy he knew. He just had some relationship problems, never really picked the right woman. He was nearing thirty now, and he always said he was about to miss his chance for having the big family he wanted. He was basically an older, male version of Mae.

Cooper started to wonder to himself if he would ever have a bigger family than just him and Musette. He was actually considering marriage now that he had a child. His daughter had given him some insight on what it was like to have a family, and Mae was most certainly posing as his wife. He never examined the possibility of marrying Mae. He knew that his parents would be overjoyed if he proposed to Mae, but he wasn't sure if she was the girl for him. They were two, very, very different people. They could barely tolerate each other in a civil manner. Musette was the one keeping them on their feet and it was wrong to start a relationship because a baby was getting you along. Cooper didn't find that to be the greatest idea.

But, then again, children can really bring two people together. Cooper did want to establish a somewhat mutual relationship with Mae, she was helping him raise his child. Not to mention, he could have a good time with Mae and never worry about what he had to say around her. Mae was level-headed and considerate, and that he applauded from her. Despite her tendency to be controlling and a little insane, she was a good person with an amazing heart. She had a great sense of humour, and a good spirit. No, she wasn't active and adventurous like he was, but he felt that he may be able to overlook that small hiccup.

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