“Mate, where have you been?” Marvin asks me when I walk through into the studio room, “was getting Greggs, and then I was watching a dance crew,” I explained and throw the packing away of the pastry that I had from Greggs. “How come you stopped? You don’t usually,” JB asks “I wondered what it was, and then I realized it was a dance crew. I was going to move off, but then one of the girls caught my eye,” I say and notice that the girl is running through my mind. “If you like, we can get her to be a backing dancer. We need a new one,” “true, I have the crew’s number so I can try and get hold of them,” I say.

Later that night, I was leaning against my breakfast bar and had just dialled the crew’s number. “Hello,” a male voice answered the phone, “hello, I’m Aston Merrygold from JLS and I was wondering if I could have a chat with one of your dancers. However, I don’t know her name,” I say “that’s okay, could you describe her for me please?” he asks and I smirk “she has brown hair and brown eyes,” I say “I know exactly who you’re after... Kirsty, could you come here please?” the man calls and I smile. Her name’s Kirsty, such a beautiful name for a beautiful face. “Yeah,” she calls back “I have someone to talk to you on the phone,” “who is it?” “Aston Merrygold,” he replies “really? Stop lying!” she laughs and I my heart skips a beat, “I’m being serious,” and the phone gets swapped to someone. “Hello,” she answer “hello, it’s Aston from JLS,” I reply “oh my God, you weren’t lying... Sorry, how can I help you?” She asks delightfully “I would like to have a meeting with you from myself, JB, Marvin and Oritsé,” I say and I can feel her excitement radiate off her “of course! When would you like to meet?” She asks and I can sense she is biting her knuckles to stop herself from exploding with excitement, “tomorrow at twelve, and we would like to meet you in London in Leicester Square,” “that’s okay with me,” she says delightfully. After saying our byes, we hang up.

Kirsty’s POV:

To say I was excited about this meeting with JLS would be an understatement. I am a big fan of JLS and I’d do anything to work with them, and hopefully that’s what this meeting will be about, but I’m not getting my hopes up too high. From my excitement, I told the crew that I was having a meeting tomorrow with JLS and all of them were really happy for me... Danny, on the other hand, seemed unimpressed and had stormed off.

The morning couldn’t have come quick enough and I was already ready and out of the door. To the meeting, I was wearing a black sleeveless white collared skater dress with black sneakers and a black bowler hat. My hair was wavy and draped around my shoulders and my lips were red, my eyes done with a light brown eye shadow, black mascara and black eyeliner. Within no time, I was in Leicester Square and I was just standing outside ‘The Moon Under The Water’ pub. Not having any of the boy’s number, I was just relying on one of them to walk past.

It’d been 5 minutes, and I began to lose hope in any of them coming to get me or of them to arrive. Turning around to face towards the pub, I glanced down at my phone to look at the time. “You alright there sexy?” Someone called and I looked up to see a middle aged man standing right in front me – I don’t say anything in reply. “Come on, give us ya number and I won’t fail in giving you a good fuck,” standing back in horror, I happened to stand back into someone’s arm. Spinning around, I look up to see Aston smiling down at me, “you alright babe?” He asked softly and in a more gentleman way before leading me into the pub. Now I felt safe and secure. “You look beautiful by the way,” Aston said quietly to me and I smiled at him “you look beautiful too,” I reply and I see him blush a little.

Just by the bar, the boys were sat at a high table with 5 chairs around it. One by one, I am introduced and greeted by the lads. “We’ve had a change of plan,” Marvin begins “we’ve decided to have lunch here instead,” he says and I smile “that’s okay,” “so what are you going to eat?” Aston asks “have you guys ordered?” I ask like I have just ignored Aston “No, but we will now,” Oritsé answers and I nod “what are you going to eat?” Aston asks again “oh nothing, I’m okay,” I say and Aston raises an eyebrow “so fish and chips for you,” he says and points at me making me giggle and then gets all the other lads orders before going up to the bar.

We had soon tucked into our lunches and I now thankful Aston had gotten me fish and chips. It’s been a while since I’ve had this dish and it’s delicious! “Do you know why we called you here?” JB asked and I shook my head nervously as I place a mouthful of food into my mouth “we would like a new dancer, and since Aston saw you with your dance crew yesterday, he asked if we could have you,” he explains and my mouth hangs open, “so you were the guy in the shades?” I ask Aston and he smirks while taking a sip out of his drink, “I thought I knew you from somewhere,” I giggle and he smiles. “So what would you like me to do?”  I ask and the lads smile at each other “we would like you to audition for us,” Marvin says and I smile “when would you like me to?” I ask and they seem impressed in how I want to really do this audition. “We can get you in on Saturday?” Aston asks the boys and they nod “and same time at the JLS studio,” he adds and I nod “Modest?” I ask and they all smile and nod.

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