Jessie and Lucas were looking for any sign of living when they come across some pirates.

Things are definitely going to be interesting.


"How do you know?" I stuttered nervously barley moving out of my place. Lucas gulped again "Guns" He whispered and I gasped.

Oh God.

Oh God.

"We need to get out of here" Lucas said grabbing my hand and slowly dragging me away from their campsite. They knew our plane. They were going to come for us either way.

"I'm scared, Lucas" I whispered clutching his hand tighter as we moved through the bushes towards where we came from.

Lucas didn't reply and instead he took off all of a sudden, I ran along with him making sure we're going the right way. We ran for about 30 minutes but stopped to take a deep breath. I pulled out the bottle of water from my pocket and chugged half of the bottle giving the rest to Lucas who was panting heavily leaning against a tree.

We then slowly walked back to the others but every time I heard a noise around me, I would jump 5 feet in the air. In about an hour we were practically dragging ourselves out of the forest and towards the camp. They were all there talking loudly and playing games or something.

"Here they are" Ian smiled pointing his finger at us and everyone turned towards us cheering "We thought you two got lost again"

"Pirates" I mumbled unable to take a proper breath.

"What?" Kate asked with a smile "Found anything?"

"Pirates" I said again but she didn't hear me and instead she stood up and furrowed her eyebrows "What's wrong? You look like you just came out of a marathon"

"Pirates!" Lucas yelled and plopped himself down on the sand. I did the same, panting heavily and sweating like crazy.

We told them what happened with us and Vincent decided that we all pack the things and take them to the cave that they found today just to hide the food, the water and our things. We got them all inside that cave in less than an hour, we left the kids inside that cave with Jamie and told them not to come out unless it was all clear.

"Lucas" I suddenly realized something staring back at the mysterious human being who was looking around him paranoid when his eyes landed on mine "The markings"

His eyes widened and he started cursing "Shit! I forgot to take off the markings"

Just as I was about to say something, we heard men's voice talking. I looked at Ian and stood behind him, my heart hammering against my chest ready to burst out of it's position. Ian wrapped his arm protectively around me. We all fell silent as we watched them emerge one by one out of the forest.

"Well, well, well... what do we have here?" One of the men smiled a toothless smile that made my skin crawl. He raised his gun and pointed it us "Stay right where you are and don't move"

"That was a nasty plane crash" Another one said staring at the remains of the plane.

"What do you want?!" Vincent asked but I could tell from the tone of his voice that he was slightly nervous.

In total, their were 6 of them standing still raising their guns at us. Lucas told me that in total they were 13 pirates so 7 of them stayed behind with the ship. I've never believed in pirates. I always thought they were like a myth or something. These human beings were terrifying. From the way they looked to the way they spoke it was all just spooky and I hated it, I really did.

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