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I hear a knock at the door Tasha ole scary ass jumping and stuff. I tell her to calm down I unlock the door and see Josh. What the hell is he doing here? He smiles at me and asks if my rude ass gone let him in of course I do. Tasha smirking at me and him and I send her big headed ass in my room so me and Josh can have some privacy. He sits on the couch and pats the spot next to him and turns on the tv I sit down and he pulls me close to him. I can smell his cologne he smelling to good right now and having him touching me got me wild but I got to keep my cool..... but....wait what is he doing with his hand!


I came in her house with a mission and that was to put my name on it i'm use to girls giving it up quick and easy so when she sits next to me on the couch I pull her to me then I put my hand in between her legs and start massaging that clit. Im sucking on her neck and she breathing all heavy. I know she wants me I've always know cause I feel the same way about her we've always had a sexual attraction that can't be ignored. I start rubbing faster and she's moaning. I smile to myself got her I get on top of her and start kissing her hard. She puts her tongue in my mouth and for a minute our tongues are doing this erotic dance. Damn this girl can kiss she got me on hard already I start pushing against her so she can feel what she gonna get but just as I get ready to take it out she stops and pushes me off of her. Like wtf!


Josh came in here thinking he was getting some but I ain't that easy im not a thot I been a virgin for this long and it ain't gone change that easily. He looking at me now out of breath with his pants unbuckled. I smile at him and tell him he has to leave Lesane will be coming over soon he buckles his pants and lifts me against the wall for a kiss and tells me I better text him tonight. I smile and tell him I will that is if Lesane don't kill me for not texting him! It's midnight and I haven't texted Lesane once I'm never gonna hear the end of it!


"Nicole!" I yell banging on the door she answers with a pair of boy shorts and a tank top on her ass is sitting right in them shorts so I smack it. "where have you been and why haven't you texted me" I said she looked at me rubbing the red mark I left on her ass and said "the phone works both ways don't it!" I loved her smartass mouth. I loved this girl she normally had me in check I can't even lie she runs the relationship but every know and then I know I need to step up. She looking to good standing there so I attack. I pull her back to her room where I see Tasha big mouthed ass I swear I can't stand that girl. She looks at me and gets up and goes into the living room. I throw Nicole on the bed and slip off her boy shorts shirt and bra. My baby is fully naked and ima please her. I start licking around her left nipple and playing with the right. I sucked and nibbled on both she liked this shit. I kissed down her body all the way to her kitty. I was about to eat like it was my last meal. I dipped my tongue in my girl was sweet. I said fuck it and threw my whole face in I licked around her clit and flicked it back and forth with my tongue she started moaning I sucked on it and she started creaming on my chin. I dived in with my tongue and started tongue fucking her she was screaming my name I licked flicked and sucked it she squirted in my mouth and I cleaned her up with my tongue. She was shaking and I was smiling I put my arms around her until she fell asleep. I got up kissed my baby on her forehead and left I opened the door to Nicole's room to leave and I tripped over Tasha nosy nasty ass she must have been spying on us and I hope she got an eyeful to I kicked her ass on my way out.


I know that nigga ain't kick my ass remind me to beat his ass when I wake up.

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