Scopophobia- Chapter 3

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I just sat there staring at nothing.

My eyes glossed over, but the tears wouldn't fall. It is her fault. Why would she go out and drink, then decide to drive home.

"Mae, please say something." Louis begged.

"I'm alright." I managed to get out.

He just stared at me, bewildered. He knew I was really close with my mom.

"I mean, I know I was close to her. Believe me I was. But I mean it's her fault, she decided to go get drunk- No wasted -and then drive home. We had everything we needed, me and her. The only two members of our family, all we needed. We had more of a sister-sister relationship, than a mother daughter relationship. Why would she do that? Didn't she know how bad it would hurt me?" I explained my feelings, staring emptily at the wall behind Lou.

"I-I don't know." He was thinking really hard by the way his eyebrows crossed.

"Where will I go? What will happen to me? Will I be separated from you? I can't leave you. I need you, you need me." I started to hyperventilate.

The room was squishing me, my head was spinning. There was no oxygen left. Louis multiplied by 4 and it was really hot.

"Breathe Meliana! Breathe! Everything will be fine! Your coming to stay with us until the government decides what to do with you-"

No. I froze. He must have realized what he said because he stopped what he was staying.

"The government." I whispered, volume at -1%.

"Mae? Listen they won't do anything to you. Just calm down." He slowly walked towards me hands in front of him.

"Your wrong, they will. They always will." I backed up against the back of the bed frame, my eyes darted in all different directions. Suddenly I was aware of everything.

"No, they won't. Because I'm here I always have been, and always will be." He looked me deep in the eyes again.

"Always?" I asked like a child, sticking out my pinkie.

He grabbed my hand and kissed my pinkie. Then locked his with mine, "Always."


"Hi Jay." I greeted Louis' mom. Practically my second mom.

"Hey sweetie, how ya holding up?" She asked with a sad smile.

"Surprisingly okay." I gave her a sad smile back as well.

"Okay Melanie-"

"It's Meliana." I corrected.

"Yeah, and I'm the president. So you just need to have someone give you this pill, and do not take that bandage off under any circumstances. Understand? Great." He turns to Jay, "if you could just sign this in places I really don't care, just do it." The doctor sighed.

"Um, sure." She said stepping back. Oh, no. Not what you do to Jay in front of Meliana.

"Hey, um, Dr. Bitchesalot? Could you explain to me why you must act like a jerk? I mean I have issues to, but I don't go around sassing people off." I retorted, crossing my arms over my chest.

It is a really good thing that Louis isn't here, since he is watching his sisters in the car.

"I have no time for you." He scoffed ripping the clipboard out of Jays hand.

"Good! Run away! It's a great thing you chose not to pick a fight with me. Just because I only have one good arm, doesn't mean I can't bust you up!" I called from down the hall in the hospital.

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