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October 31st 1815.

She had returned once again, aware that this would be the last time her baby would lay in her arms. It was just a matter of time before it happened. She had been running away from the higher council all her life and no good had been obtained, only struggles and mistakes. And though she reassured herself every day that all she needed was her baby in her arms and the sky above her head, she failed to understand that there were a lot more things she could do with, her protection being imperative. For without her presence, no child could battle the wars within the wrecked world he is expected to grow up in. But of course, she understood that her baby would not grow up to be a child at any point. He would not grow up to be anything of the human race because like herself, he was far from a mere human.

And she did not know what to do about it, since she herself was a Zukainian Angel, one who used to be seated upon a royal seat, instructing those of lower worth and understanding. But all her power was stripped out of her faultless body alongside her chalk white wings and her identity, as soon as she fell in love with the ruler of Death Demons. She did not acknowledge what she was falling for until he pierced her skin and intoxicated her blood alongside the unborn baby she was carrying. She became a deliverer of death.

Her son was death himself. And she blamed herself every day, praying and begging whoever was listening to her motherly plea to spare her child the grief of growing up inhuman. Because all she wanted was a normal child, one which would grow up happy and not fall into the hands of the higher council. But of course, she had greater problems, the reason being, she would die today.  Her child was born on October 31st, 1814 and exactly a year had passed since she gave birth to what the council called, a demonic baby. Purely because he was not filled with 50% human blood but instead 56% demon, 12% human and 32% angel.  She herself could not deny that he was not a human nor did he possess enough blood to be labelled an angel. And because of this, she as a mother, had only a year to live before she involuntarily would have to die in order to keep her child alive.  However, in her eyes, he deserved to live just like any other baby, thus the reason behind her pursuit to keep her baby alive, causing her to run away from the Higher and seek freedom elsewhere. And she would have to kill herself as soon as night should fall since he was born at twilight, which is what caused him to possess his angelic side or else, he would have existed as a complete demon. It was disputable that as soon she died; her child would die shortly after, having no one there to neither feed nor assist him. Nevertheless, she had faith that the family she was to leave him with would inherit him well even though he was not a full human.

She had cunningly returned to the Britain where she knew she would be able to leave her baby in safe hands. With one last kiss placed upon his forehead, where his red birthmark was imprinted, she fled to the nearest doorstep and placed him gently onto the crumbling doorstep, before subtly knocking on the door and escaping to the forest ahead. She peered at the wooden door slowly creaking open and revealing a young woman. With one last glance at the door being shut with her baby inside, she ran deeper into the forest and once she was aware that there was no one around, she slipped the elixir out of her gown and stared at the contents. Without hesitation, she gazed up at the sky just beginning to darken and drew her head back. With a flick of her wrist, she poured the red liquid onto her arm where her Zukainian mark was and within seconds, her skin was decaying faster than the tears which were suspended in her eyes could fall. A small smile crept onto her lips as the last half of her body was rotted away. The wind blew silently across her and as it did, the remains of her body burned into ash and were picked up by the breeze. But before she disappeared, she prayed one last moment, this time to the demons, “Let my one be not as evil as you, nor as heartless, but the ruler and defeater of you all for he will live on.”

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