Chapter Five // Maps, you idiot, Maps!
Nicole Sanders

Day Two out of Seven

"What the fuck do you mean, we're lost?" I yelled at Logan as he started to laugh. Anger seethed its way out of me and I started to hit him as he tried to block me with his arm and he still laughed.  "What it's not my fault, I got distracted by your beauty." Logan smirked as he finally regained his posture. "What do you mean "It's not my fault", you didn't pay attention to where we were going!" I yelled at him again.

At that very moment, we were sitting in the car on a cliff over looking some beach. And to say I was pissed was an understatement. The sun was setting and if we didn't find our way to go soon we'd be stuck out here.

"I got this, don't worry." Logan tells me as he pulled out his phone. He stares at it for a moment then speaks again, "Huh, well–uh—no service, how about you?" He glanced over at me with a hopeful look.

We had the same phone. There was no point to check for I already knew I didn't have service either so I just ignored him and looked out the window again.

"Well then, it looks like were stuck here for the night." He sighs nonchalantly as he leans back in his seat and closes his eyes.

"Maps, you idiot, Maps!" I screamed at him and started hitting him again. He shot up and his seat and started to laugh as he grabbed my hands to restrain me.

"That's my ear you're yelling into." He chuckles. I glared at him and rolled my eyes. "Calm down Angel, I'm sure you're right. There's gotta be a map in here somewhere." He soothes me and rubs his hand on my thigh. That tingly sensation I had felt when he kissed my hand days ago came back. Yet this time it was little stronger. I shiver and shift in my seat. He seems to smirk as he removes my hand starts to search the glove department.

I took the time given to me as he was focused to really study his features. His dark brown hair was tousled and it looked like he just woken up. It was all the more what seemed to add to his beauty.

His eyebrows drew together in confusion, as he continued to look. And I smiled to myself, I didn't know why but I just felt so happy staring at him. He was making my heart flutter.

"Kiss him."

Something spoke in my mind.

"What the fuck?" I meant to say to myself in my head but it came out instead.

Logan snapped his attention towards me quickly to see if I was okay. "You good?" He questions.

He looked very concerned as he awaited my answer. His hand came back to rub my thigh when I didn't reply instantly. "What's wrong Nicole?" He asks more urgent now.

"Nothing, It was nothing." I lied blatantly. He starred at me for a minute, I'm pretty sure he knew I was lying but for my sake he didn't press on. He just went back to looking for a stupid map.

"Well I give up! There is no fucking map in this car." Logan threw his hands up in defeat. I shook my head and looked over at the ocean, seeming as how that's my only entertainment right now. By now him and I were outside, he was infront of the trunk of the car and I had taken my place sitting on the cliff. I still couldn't get over the fact of what happened earlier today. Something or someone had told me to kiss Logan.

And I actually wanted that bad?

Logan took a seat next to me but I remained my focus on the beach. "I'm sorry." He huffed. "For what?" I looked at him. "Being me, and not paying attention." He said sadly. "Well since we have no map, I'm gonna go to bed." I stood up an brushed the dirt off my pants.

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