Enjoying the last bit of pastry, I throw the packing away and dress myself into the clothes for our street performance. I was already in my jogging bottoms, but I had a strap top on with a cardigan, and so I swapped the cardigan for the dance crew’s baseball jacket. “Get into your places,” Tommy announced and we did as we were told. Tommy sets up the music and switches it on for the music to begin. Already a crowd is performing.

Aston’s POV:

I had just come out of Greggs when I heard a crowd cheering and some music being played. With curiosity, I make my way to the crowd and stand where I can see a dance crew busting out some moves. I find the moves impressive and stylish, but I am losing interest. Just as I begin to think about making a move to get into work, from my lunch break, a blonde girl is standing to the most gorgeous brunette girl I have ever seen. Her lips are plump, her skin is smooth, and her hair looks silky. Forgetting that I was gazing at the girl, she looks my way and looks at me as though she knows me. However, I am wearing sun glasses so I could be looking at something else.

Staying for another few minutes, the brunette girl comes into action with dancing and to say I have never seen a girl’s body move like the way her body moves would be an understatement. Her body is smooth and slick with its dance routine and I am captivated in her dance.

Kirsty’s POV:

I could feel eyes burn into me, and glancing up, I see the man with the sun shades intently looking at me. For some strange reason, the man looks familiar as in, he looks like a celebrity but I can’t get my head round on who he might be. The shades are blocking his identity and it’s beginning to annoy me a little... He is gorgeous!

Aston’s POV:

The girl’s dance routine had finished, and she stood behind the speakers and started to cool herself down. However, she was constantly looking my way and I smirked before my eyes came across a pile of cards. Glancing left and right, I dived forward and snatched a card from the pile before slipping it into my pocket and walking off down the road.

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