I woke up to find my mama wasn't home for the fifth time this week. My mama wasn't home and I know she had to be getting high somewhere. So the only other place she could be is at the crack house with her buddy Walter.

When I went into the kitchen a car horn blew from outside. I went to the door to check out who it was. When I looked outside the window it was Jacob in a red Chevy Malibu.

"Go get dressed", Jacob demanded with a sweet innocent smile. "Where we goin", I asked confused. "Don't ask questions now go get dressed"

I went into the house and took a quick shower. When I got out I found something to wear and headed out the door. "Damn ma took you long enough", Jacob hissed as he drove up the block.

We've been driving for about a hour and a half. I don't know where we're going but it's nice to be away from that hell that I call home.

"Where are we going", I finally asked. "You'll see were almost there", A smile crept across Jacob's face. I didn't say another word.

Twenty-five minutes later we were at the beach. "What are we doing here?" "You always asking questions just chill ight don't be so up tight. I thought it would be a nice place to study since what happened last time"

I got out of the car and walked in the sand. It felt so funny between my toes. I've never been anywhere but home so this is all new to me. The breeze was amazing it felt just right.

After a few more minutes of enjoying the beach. We finally got started on the project.


After seeing Parker's mama last week I decided to give her a nice relaxing place to just kick back and chill.

Lately she's been acting up tight. I been wanting to ask what's going on but I don't wanna be all in her business. So if she wants to tell me she will.

Parker got me feeling some type of way. It's like I've never met a girl like her before. She's smart, cute, funny and all that.

I just don't know if I'm ready to leave my other girls for her. I mean what if something better comes around and then I'm stuck with Parker. Not sayin' that would be a bad thing. I'm just not ready to leave all my other girls alone.

We were almost finished with the project when my phone rang. It was my mama. She wouldn't want anything from me but money for some weed.

Ten minutes later I had fifteen miss calls from her. So finally I picked up the phone. I was on the phone with her for three minutes. She told me it was a emergency. I hopped in the car and told Parker to come with me.

We pulled up to the house. That's when I saw Walter outside on the porch. My blood began to boil.

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