Wesley's POV

"Keaton, I did fix things with Melanie. Stop bugging me about it!" I yell into the phone as I finish eating lunch, and I earn a few glares from people in the restaurant.

"Wes, Drew is still pissed off that you kissed her.. He's gonna.. I don't know what he's gonna do but all I know is that he's angry at you." Keaton says, and I roll my eyes and walk out onto the street in Times Square.

"I honestly don't give a fuck. Drew says some of the stupidest shit sometimes."

"Okay.. Mom wants us to come to California for Christmas. You up for that?"

"I don't know, man.. I see Melanie every day, we're still just friends but I'm hoping that once she trusts me enough I'll be able to ask her to be my girlfriend. I don't need to be in Cali right now."

"Bro, I'm not sure mom is gonna be okay with that. Why not take Mel with us?"

"No no no, she isn't good around new people anymore.. Remember when she was so hesitant to even talk to us at the funeral? She needs space from people she doesn't know."

"Wes, mom isn't gonna have it. Christmas is like a month away.. Get her to trust you and she might go with us."

"I'll think about it." I hang up the phone, and walk back to my apartment.

I want to take Melanie to Cali with me, I just don't know.. Apparently she's never been out of New York and I don't want to overwhelm her.

*Hey, can I come over?* Melanie texts me and I smile to myself.

*Sure, do you want me to come pick you up?*

*No, I'm fine. I'll be over in a few minutes.*

*Okay, see you soon.* I text back and that ends our conversation. I hear a knock on my door and I go and answer it and see Melanie looking as beautiful as ever.

"Hey, Wes," she says, and walks in and gives me a big hug and I hug back tighter.

"Wesley, I need to breathe." She says, and I laugh before letting her go and she laugh as well, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear as she looks down.

I shut the door and bring her to my room.

"So, why'd you want to come over?"

"I just wanted to hang out with you."

"Oh, really?" I smirk at her.

"Yes, stop being such a weirdo."

"Oh, I'm the weirdo?" I say, and tackle her to the bed and tickle her, hovering over her.

"Wesley, stop!" She squeals, and laughs and I continue to tickle her. She swats my hands away, and flips us over, pinning my hands to the bed as she straddles me.

"Mel, don't test me. I'll still find someway to tickle you."

"I doubt that." She says, and laughs.

Her face is a couple inches away from me and I just want to kiss her. I want to kiss her so badly and her sitting on top of me like this isn't helping. I look down at her lips, and she notices. She gets up quickly, and I sigh as I sit up.

"Wesley, I need to tell you something.."

"What is it?"

"Um.. I actually enjoyed it when you kissed me.." She mumbles and my mouth hands open as she looks down at the ground. I stand up and walk over to her, cupping her cheek with one hand while I rest my other hand on her hip.

"You did?" I ask, and she nods.

"I thought you didn't.. I thought that's why you ran out so quickly when I did that day."

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