Assignment to Earth

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"Angel!" A voice called. Turning around I found none other than my mentor, Jesus. He looked like a normal teen from earth but everyone in heaven knows it's Jesus. Short light brown hair swept away from his face and dark brown eyes that lost their shine. "Father needs to talk with you." I nodded before heading off to talk with God.

Let me say this my name isn't Angel. I never really got a name. I grew up on the streets with random people. The church near my make shift home found me around the time I was 10. They started calling me Angel and teaching me about God and the miracles he works. The name Angel stuck when I died and came to heaven.

God helped me through the Times I was in need so instead of sitting back and doing nothing I decided I wanted to become a Guardian Angel. Jesus trained me because well the war had just started when I came and angels were busy trying to help God bring peace.

Opening the heavy oaken doors to the central meeting room I found God sitting near the fire looking exhausted. It been months sense I've last seen him anywhere close to this exhausted. His chestnut hair was messy beyond belief and his golden eyes didn't sparkle anymore. His face was lined with worry and bags shone under his eyes. People may think of God as almighty but he's not invincible. He's no different from an ordinary person, after all we were all made in his image.

"You needed me?" I asked walking to the hearth. the central meeting room looked like an ordinary sitting room on Earth. A tv was place above the hearth and chairs lined the walls along with pictures and tables. This was the meeting room for the angels, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God. The Holy Spirit was different from God and Jesus. It didn't come unless absolutely needed. It would usually stay on Earth to do its job there.

Sitting in front of him God looked at me and smiled before speaking, "Angel. I want you to do a job for me." He paused, thinking through what he was about to say, "No, I need you to do a job for me. This job is something only you can so Angel."

"What do you mean by only I can do it?" I asked

"This task is something I can only trust to my most trusted angel. I need you to go to Earth and find someone." He told me looking from me to the fire.

"Who do I have to find?" I asked and I knew God understood that I'd accepted the task.

"You're to find the boy that's received my blessing. He needs to be protected." I nodded understanding what I had to do.


I was dressed and ready to head to Earth. My armor wouldn't do me much good against the weapons of Earth but this armor was intended to protect me from the demons of Hell. I was glad that all angels got there wings when they entered heaven other wise I'd be falling to Earth.

"Good luck Angel. Be safe." Annabel, my best friend, told me as she hugged me.

"I will. Bye." I told her as I walked out the gates of heaven and started flying to Earth.


"Father? Do you think she'll be able to do it alone?"

"I'm not sure son but we must believe in her. She's our only hope."

"Why didn't you just send me?l

"Your needed here son, not on Earth. Angel can do it. She a smart girl."


There's chapter one. Hope it wasn't to bad. I realize the Bible never gives descriptions on angels, God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. I'm winging it and using my imagination. If there's something I need to change let me know.

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