173. You're A Few Years Younger and He Gets You Pregnant

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Harry: You didn't want to believe it until you were positive that it was true. While Harry was at the recording studio, you decided to see if it was really true. You took a cab to the nearest drug store and disguised yourself as best as you could so that fans didn't recognize you. After buying the tests and receiving weird looks from the cashier because of your age, you rushed home and took the tests. All three of them. And to your surprise, they were all positive! You quickly stashed the tests in the trash and fell on the bed, sobbing. You knew that because you were a few years younger than Harry that the fans would hate you and you would weird looks everywhere you go. A few hours of crying later, you heard Harry close the front door and yell, "I'm home!" when you didn't answer, he called for you and came upstairs. "(Y/N)? What's wrong?" he asked, kneeling beside you. How were you going to tell him? How was he going to react? "N-Nothing, Harry," you answered, hiding your face in a pillow. You felt his large hands on your arms as he lifted you up to face him. He wiped a tear off your cheek and said, "This doesn't seem like nothing to me, babe. Did something happen? Tell me." Knowing you couldn't lie to him, you decided to tell him. "H-Harry, I'm pregnant," you stutter, bursting into tears again. He pulled you into his chest and stroked your hair. To your surprise, he chuckled. You quickly pulled away, giving him an odd look. "Y-You're not mad?" you asked him. He raised his eyebrows and shook his head, a smile on his face. "Why would I be? We're having a baby!" He exclaimed, planting a quick kiss on your lips. Maybe it wasn't so bad after all...

Liam: You were feeling a bit off lately, and quickly blamed it as the flu or something. The vomiting in the morning had its reasons, but the random cravings were another thing. Liam seemed to notice something as well, but he didn't talk about it. One day, you were talking to Louis' girlfriend when she suggested something that scared you. "Well, maybe you're pregnant!" she suggested, but then saw the scared look on your face and added, "Or maybe you're not, and it's the flu! You never know!" You left her flat that day with the thought in the back of your mind. It was bugging you, and you were quite worried, so you went out and bought a few tests just in case. Liam had been having a Toy Story marathon in the living room and fallen asleep on the couch, so you tip toed up the stairs and decided to put an end to your worries. What you saw surprised you when all of the tests were positive. All the color drained out of your face, and you stared at the test, not moving a step."(Y/N)? Is everything al- oh," Liam said, walking in with a severe case of bed head and seeing what was in your hands. "Liam, I- I'm sorry," you said, sobs escaping your chest. He walked over and pulled you into his arms and rubbing your back. "It's okay, (Y/N), we'll get through this together," Liam said, pulling away and kissing your forehead. You couldn't help but notice the smile on his face. "What are you smiling about?" you asked him. "I'm going to be a father, what is there not to smile about?" he answered, pulling you in for a kiss.

Niall: Niall was used to your eating habits, seeing as you had the same metabolism as he did and ate as much as him, but when you started eating more than him, he knew something was up. You had your limits, and he knew, but when you started eating most of the food in the fridge, he didn't know whether to be worried or angry at not leaving him his share. "(Y/N), is there something wrong?" he asked, when you were nibbling on a chicken wing. "No, why?" you asked, finishing off the chicken wing and reaching for another one. He grabbed your wrist before you could grab a piece and pulled you away from the kitchen. Of course, you knew something he didn't, but you were waiting for the right time to tell him. The day you found out, Niall was on tour. You spent days crying and trying to hide the fact that you were pregnant, being a few years younger than him. He had gotten back a few days after you found out, and you just had no idea how to tell him. "(Y/N), you know that if there's something going on, you can tell me anything, right?" Niall asked, looking at you dead in the eye. You just couldn't lie to those blue eyes, and burst out crying right then and there. Niall took you in his arms and gently swayed back and forth, trying to calm you down. "There, there. It shouldn't be that bad, is it?" he asked, kissing your temple. "Niall, I-I'm pregnant," you sobbed, and he pulled away, staring at you with wide eyes. "With my child?" he asked. You nodded, wiping away some tears. You looked to the floor in shame, but when you looked up, Niall was gone. You could faintly hear him yelling over the phone, "LIAM! I'M GOING TO BE A FATHER! A FREAKING FATHER!" You saw him jumping around the flat with the cell phone pressed to his ear, and wondered if it was so bad after all, seeing him happy like this.

Louis: "(Y/N)! Check out this video a fan made!" Louis called from downstairs. It had been a day since you had found out. The only person besides you that knew was Liam, and he had just guessed it on his own. Louis, however, didn't know. You were still figuring out how to tell him upstairs, when he had called. You walked down the stairs, watching every step carefully until you got to the living room. He was laying down on his stomach on the rug, his laptop in front of him. You sat Indian style next to him and watched him play the video. It was of the lads' X Factor auditions, all made into a mashup video. Harry's audition was first, and he sang, "Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful. Isn't she lovely, less than a minute old. And I never thought, through love we'd be, making one as lovely as she. Isn't she lovely, made from love." The thought of the song being about a newborn baby made the color drain out of your face. Louis still didn't know. "(Y/N)? You okay? You look a little pale," Louis said. You didn't know how to tell him. He was turning twenty one in just five months, while you were turning eighteen in two. The age difference didn't really matter to either of you, but you knew that once the news got out of your pregnancy, the hate would begin. "Fine, Louis," you lied. He seemed to realize something was wrong, because he didn't let you go upstairs. "Tell me what's wrong, please?" he asked, begging you with a pouty face. "Louis, I... I'm pregnant," you blurted, tears rushing to your eyes and threatening to spill down your cheeks. Louis raised his eyebrows, his face emotionless. This was what you were afraid of, seeing him speechless like that. "That's great!" he suddenly said, a smile plastered on his face. "What!?" you exclaimed. "I'm going to be a father, that's what! I need to call Harry!"

Zayn: You stared at the tests that were lined up on the sink, gaping at the little plus signs. Next to the sink was the ash tray that your boyfriend, Zayn, used when he smoked. You stared at it, seeing it was empty. "(Y/N)? Have you seen my- oh there it is!" he exclaimed, seeing the ash tray in your hands. You had already disposed of the tests in the trash can. He reached for it, but you held it behind your back and shook your head. "Is something wrong, (Y/N)?" he asked, his expression a bit worried. You couldn't help it, and just stood there as tears spilled down your cheeks. He walked over and held you in his arms, stroking your hair with one hand and reaching for the ash tray with the other. "Y-You can't smoke," you stuttered. "What? Why?" he asked, sounding a bit annoyed. "You'll kill it," you replied. "Kill what? Wait, what is-" he pulled away, running to the trash can and one by one pulling out the tests. "(Y/N), are you...?" he asked, staring at the tests. You cried harder and nodded, wiping away your tears. "Why are you crying, then?" he asked, looking at you with a confused face. "I-I'm younger than you! People will stare, and-and they'll hate me!" you exclaimed, running your fingers through your hair in frustration. He simply walked over to you and pressed his lips to yours, and at the corner of your eye you could see him throwing a pack of cigarettes over his head. "I love you, and this baby. Never forget that," he said, putting his hand on your stomach and kissing you again.

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