The Date

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I sat at the coffee shop with Detective Anderson. He's the sweetest person I've ever known.

Anyway I have to stay focused and get more information on this Canada situation. "So you said so fools got busted for coke in Canada?", I asked putting on my white girl voice once again.

"Yes some female owner was trying to get cocaine from Canada. Turns out that some people in Canada were playing the owner. What a dumb shame? How could someone do something so stupid?"

I didn't respect the way he was talking about my business so I put him in hos place. "Look you have no idea whay people go through. So be quick to look im the mirror before you judge others"

"Well I didn't mean to get under your skin. Im sorry Ms.Monica", Anderson said putting his hands up in the air like he was trying to surrender.

"It's all good. It's just you never know what people come from", I said putting on a weak smile.

After coffee he walked me to my car. I've never had a man be a gentleman before. "It was nice getting to know you Ms.Monica"

"Look just call me Monica", I said getting kind of annoyed.

"Well Monica when can I see you again?", He asked with that killer smile of his.

"Well I don't know I'm pretty busy but here's my number we can talk and I will let you know when we can meet up again"


First let me start off by saying I have  nothing against the way white people talk it's just the way Monica thinks. Anyway Vote/Comment

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