Chapter 7

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So, Nathan was just about to kiss me.

Nathan was about to kiss me!

And I cut him off by telling him we needed to change? Well there's no surprise in that.

So now here we are, in my room upstairs, and I'm rummaging through my closet looking for something that could fit Nathan. The tension in the air is so thick that I could taste it. He hasn't said a word since we got out of the pool and got here. Had I offended him in any way?

Finally I found an oversized shirt and my dad's jeans that would probably fit Nathan. And I know what you're thinking, your dad's jeans, really? But honestly my dad is a very brand conscious man, and he always likes his clothes to be of top notch quality, so they weren't an old pair of saggy jeans from Walmart, but denim jeans from american eagle that were new too because they didn't fit my dad well. And by judging Nathan's dressing sense he probably liked his clothes to be top notch quality too.

I handed the shirt and jeans over to him, without looking in his direction. I was about to tell him that he could go into the bathroom and change, but before I could say anything I found him throwing a shirt on the bed. My eyes snapped towards Nathan or should I say the now almost naked goddess in my bedroom.

Remember when I said he could star in any cliché movie that only hires sexy men, well fuck that. He could beat anyone who once ever claimed to be the sexiest man alive!

I swallowed, as I watched him bend over towards the bed to pick up the shirt I gave him, his muscles flexing as he did. I swallowed again. My eyes moved from his perfectly toned tan chest towards his perfect eight packs, then of course because of the pervert that I am, it moved towards his low jeans that slung even lower because of it being drenched in water. He pulled the shirt over himself and turned to face me while buttoning it up, only to find me staring at him with wide eyes and probably an open mouth too.

Change of plans, I'm slapping myself five times across the face once he leaves.

I quickly snapped my mouth shut praying for my face to not turn bright red. And I suddenly found a renewed interest in the maple flooring of my bedroom.

Look anywhere except at him! I told myself.

Of course I did the exact opposite. He was staring at me intently with a smirk on his face. He obviously knows that I was checking him out, my face flushed bright red again.

"Uh uhm— I Uh." I stuttered. Way to sound retarted.

His smirk grew wider. Well at least I'm glad he finds me entertaining.


'"I'm gonna go change too." I said once I found my voice again and rushed into the bathroom. That was probably the most embarrassing moment of my life. I pressed my cold palms against my burning cheeks to cool them down.

I stripped myself off all the wet clothing, only to realize I just brought a t shirt with me and no pants.

Fucking great!



I put on the jeans that Rachel handed over to me, and jumped onto the bed, it was surprisingly comfy. I was slightly embarrassed of taking my shirt off in front of her, I mean I live alone and its not very often for me to have sexy girl in my bedroom with just a wet tank top clinging to every god knows perfect curve on her body and is wet enough to have turned her top translucent enough to make whatever she was wearing underneath obvious.

So I took my shirt off oblivious of her existence only until I turned around to find her gaping at me. Honestly I was about to apologize, but after seeing her look at me that way and blush the way she did. I guessed I'd rather savor the moment than ruin it.

She's been in the bathroom for over 10 minutes, and I was starting to worry. Does it take that long to take her clothes off and— Wait.

Don't think of her naked, Don't! Don't do it! No! Ugh.

I heard the bathroom door creak open, thanking it for snapping me out of my almost rather inappropriate imagination. But instead it worsened it when I found her walk out with just a T shirt on that barely covered her behind. She walked in a hurried pace towards her closet, and she bent down to pick up a pair of running shorts. Giving me a perfect view of her perfect fine— Stop!

I swallowed and shifted on the bed, looking at anything but her. Silently praying that I had enough self control in myself to stop myself from grabbing her and crushing my lips on hers.

God I'm in so much trouble.

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