The Hunger games part 2

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I woke up feeling slightly horny like yesterday. My naked body layed across Liams chest.
As I was about to move I noticed Liams c*ck was still inside me. Biting my lip I slowly get up. Liams morning wood Beginning to show up.
I lift my self up and went back down slowly making sure not to wake him. Moving my hips back and forth I let out a small breathy moan.
Not being able to control myself I begin to bounce up and down waking Liam up.
My walls begin to tighten and I see Liams eyes glare up at me. "Don't you dare cum." He spits holding my wrist down.
I moan at his words. Bouncing twice more I disobey his orders looking at him while I orgasmed moaning his name out.
Laying back down on the bed He growls at me. "I'm gonna go fix myself and when I get back you better be ready for your punishment."
You squeal at his words He goes into the on suite bathroom and closes the door. Quietly you slip on your panties and bra pulling his tshirt over you and walking down stairs.
Trying not to make a sound you hide behind the couch teasing him .
"Y/n!! I said no leaving! It's only gonna turn out worse for you!" He shouts his loud stomps filling the air as he walks down stairs. You catch a glimpse of him. He's naked roaming the house. In all honesty you didn't feel like "getting it on". "Babe where are you?" He calls out. Crud he's in the living room. You let out a squeak when you feel his arms wrap around your waist. "Look at what you do to me." He mumbled into your hair. His hands move your under wear to the side with out taking them off and thrusts deeply into you. He let's out a deep moan your name rolling off his tongue. You jump away running down the hall way and toward the pool. "Seriously?! That's not funny y/n!!" He shouts anger filling his voice. He was right at your heels as you ran around the pool. You feel his hands grab your hair yanking you back. Yelping in pain he grabs you tightly by the waist for sure leaving bruises behind. Liams d*ck begins to thrust fast and hard into you without letting you adjust. You cry silently in pain as he continued pleasuring himself. He cums inside of you without using a condom and begins to nibble on your nipples. Biting down to hard you cry out in pain slapping him. His eyes turn dark with lust thinking your playing dirty. Instead of thrusting from the front he starts to thrust into you back entrance. You knees buckle from the pain and you bite your lip holding back your sobs. Once again he cums and let's go of you. Falling to the floor you struggled to get up. finally after a full minuets of him watching you he realized he hurt you. "Y/n?" He says his voice softening You glare up at him before running inside, up the stairs and into the bedroom you two shared. "Y/n!! I'm sorry!" He cries from the other side of the door. Running to the bathroom you swallow your birth control pills and turned on the shower. Locking the bathroom door you make sure it's safe before stripping then hopping into the shower. Washing you body and hair with his shampoo you get out drying your hair and body. Brushing out the knots in your hair you exit the bathroom naked. You see Liam staring down at his hands. Walking past him you put on a sports bra knowing Liam hates it when you hide you boobs and short underwear. Grabbing hair ties you put your hair up into a pony tail walking past him to get to your clothes. He grabs your waist and you yelp in pain. Huge blue/purple bruises were beginning to form the shape of his hand. Liam let's go automatically saying sorry a million times. You slip on some spandex shorts and layed back down on the bed pulling the blanket over your head. "I'm sorry babe." Liam says getting under the covers next to you. He brings your body closer to his almost in a spooning position leaving gentle kissed behind your ear. Ignoring him you close your eyes. "I'm a jerk I know and I don't deserve you. I'm sorry y/n and I won't let it happen again." He pleads into your shoulder kissing you. Turing around you face him your eyes still closed. "Y/n let me see those y/e/c eyes. Please." His voice is barely above a whisper. Kissing your eyelids he tries to get you to open your eyes. Giving in you slowly open them letting your tears drip down your cheek. His face contorts in pain as he sees you cry. Quickly he begins to kiss the tears a away. "I'm so sorry." He says over and over again. Kissing you lips he tries to get a reaction out of you. He gives up after a while and begins to cry silently "I wasn't thinking and I was being selfish I didn't k-know I was causing you pain and I'm s-so sorry y/n please say something any-ything.. I l-love you." He says Your heart skips a beat. Reaching up you kiss him passionately your fingers gripping his hair. Making out for a total of 20 minuets you press your body against his. Wrapping one leg around his waist and the other intertwined with his legs your hands layed gently on his chest tracing his abs. "I love you too." You say looking deep into his gray eyes. Smiling you give him a gentle kiss before resting your head against his chest. "Love you more." He mumbles kissing your forehead then with his fingers bring your chin up and kissing you on the lips. You giggle at his cuteness staring into his eyes. His arms wrap around your waist and his waist digs into yours. You guys stay cuddling for a while exchanging kisses and words here and there spending the rest of the day together in each others arms.

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