Can't trust but I believe that I can

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I sat in my room starring out my window as the rain drops fall making little noises as they hit my window I start to cry because why would she leave me she promised she would never leave my side but I know she's in a better place sorry let me introduce myself my name is Promise Monique Rodriguez I'm 17 black and Hispanic so I have long wavy hair I'm 4'9 yea short but its wateva I'm thick in all the right place I have deep dimples and I have braces I'm light skin and I have ocean blue eyes but enough of all dat I'm tha daughter of the biggest drug deal in Miami Hitler so yea u already kno I have a name on tha streets its Neon I'm known for fightin and blastin niggas but let me tell u bout my life

Promise (POV)

Beep Beep Beep....

My alarm clock wit off meanin its time for me to get ready for school I got up took a 30min shower I lotioned my body wit coco butter lotion then I put on my black boy shorts and a matchin bra I went into my closet and picked out my black high waist skinny jeans with a red Miami heat crop top I put on my LeBrons to match den I flat iron my hair bone straight den I put on my Miami heat snapback wit my Rolex hell I was sexy asf RNS (real nigga shit ) I grabed I'm bookbag and iphone5c and my car keys and went down stairs

Me:Mornin dad

Dad:Mornin sweetie

Me:where's mom

Dad:She's at work

Me:Okayy well I gotta bounce by daddy

Dad:Bye sweetie

I jump in my midnight blue Benz and I was gone I pull up to my school and I see the school slutz surrounding the new boy I park my car get out and make my way in the school but while I was walkin I feel sumbody burin a hole in my back so I turn around to see da new boy and his clique starring at me I just turn back around and keep walking

King (POV)

Wassup I'm King I'm 18 and I started goin to dis new school cuz my boss Hitler said he can't have retarded niggas workin for him so I'm in da school parkin lot wit my niggas Trap (Hayden) and Trigga (Andre) wen I see dis sexy ass girl get out of a midnight blue Benz I mean shawty was bad shidd anotha fuc and duc KMSL so tell my nigga to look and we jus standin there starring at shawty so I guess she felt us starrin cuz she turned around and looked at us and keep walkin she was beautiful I felt like I was inlove wait tf I'm talkin bout imma thug we don't love

Promised (POV)

So I'm in first period bored out of my mind until the door open and in walks the new kid

Teacher:Your late u must be new wats ur name

?:The name is King

Teacher:Well King go take a seat next to promise

I gave dat nigga the wtf face

King:Who's Promise

Teacher:Promise raise yhur hand

So I raised my hand and he start making his way to the back where I was and da nigga was starrin at me like boo nigga damn so he sit next to me and I see him up close he was cute dats a lie he was sexy asf he was bout 6'3 light skin wit dimples like me he has sum pretty greenish hazel eyes he was tatted and u can tell he had a body and his swag was on point yesssuh plus he had a tape fade his hair was curly and it looked really soft

King:Sup ma


So we stop talkin after dat not to long after my dad walks in and the hoes tried to to talk to my daddy ewwww so he came to get me so we can talk and wen we was done I went Baker to class

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