Where's my prince?

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After the kiss we stayed in the maze for another hour. Soon I fell asleep in Connor's arms. I awoke when I felt a breeze in my face. I looked around but Connor wasn't there. I knew mazes were a bad thing. I didn't know the way back but I hated being lost. I came to several dead ends, and nearly twisted my ankle from the rough terrain.

  After about half an hour I quit my search of an exit, so I sat down on a bench I found. Many questions swirled in my head. Like where in the world did Connor go, and what did the kiss mean?

I checked my phone just in time to see the time before the battery died. I sighed. I was never the girl to remember to charge her phone.

I stared at the full moon. I suddenly felt sick, until I remembered I was allergic to the daisies that I was currently surrounded by. I forgot my puffer to and I could already feel myself getting short of breath. I scrambled trying to get out of the maze.

I was wheezing and puffing and getting nowhere. Slowly I see the world fading to black.


I woke up in a strange bed. I looked around. What happened in the last few hours come back to me.

A strange figure is coming towards me and I scream.

"Quiet ! It's just me Connor."


"What am I doing here? Follow up question: Where am I?" I yell.

"Shush! You're in my garage. And the reason is I found you in the maze passed out. I knew I couldn't bring you home or your parents would think you're drunk so.."

"What time is it."

"Umm about 5:00in the morning."

"And you would think my parents WOULDN'T freak!"


"Take me home."

Connor sighs, and I follow him and leave.

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