You Are Perfect

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You are perfect. You are beautiful. You are smart, funny and kind. You are unique. No, I’m not talking about the person to your right, or your left, or even whoever may be in front or behind you. I’m talking about you. Your hair, your face, your smile, anything you might be insecure about. It’s perfect. You’re perfect. You’re not too this, not too that. It’s just right. You are your own person, you were born for a reason. You were born to achieve greatness, whether that’ll be becoming Prime Minister, being unemployed or working at a cash till. You are here for a reason. That reason might not be clear to you yet, but there is one. You were created an outstanding person, you were born to be significant, you can be that person. You are who you are. You are worthy of everything, love, wealth, affection, all of it. You are never too much, but ALWAYS enough. You’re worth more than the numbers on the scales or the hair product you use. You are worthy of more than you can imagine. You are a pearl. You are a diamond. You are the best creation in this world. You are the sunshine that brightens everyone’s day and you are never to forget that.

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