Record Deal (Andy Biersack)

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"I'm so proud of you Niki!" Andy exclaimed as we walked into the house.

"Andy, that's the fifth time you've said that in the last hour!" I giggled.

"I'm just so proud of you." He said again, tightly hugging me and kissing my lips.

"Six." I laughed.

"I knew you would get the record deal! You're going to have your own band!"

"I know." I said a huge smile on my face. "I'm excited."

"And I'm excited for you." He smiled. "What do you say we go upstairs and...celebrate?" He suggested with a wink. I wiggled out of his grip and sprinted up the stairs.

"GOTTA CATCH ME IF YOU WANT TO FUCK ME!" I yelled as I reached the top. I heard his thundering footsteps behind me as he leaped up the stairs. I jumped onto the bed and rolled off on the other side, curling into a ball and attempting to hide from my boyfriend.

"Niki, I'm going to find you." Andy said seductively. He dropped to the floor and looked under the bed, groaning in frustration when I wasn't under there.

"THERE YOU ARE!" He shouted, jumping on top of me. He began to tickle me, causing me to squeal.

"Andy! Andy! Stop!" I said in between giggles. All of a sudden, he rested his hands on my hips, passionately kissing me. He wrapped his arms around me and lifted me off the ground, tossing me onto the bed.

He quickly climbed back on top of me, kissing me again. He slowly made his way down to my neck, kissing and nipping at my sweet spot. I moaned, moving my head so he had more room. My hands trailed down his torso until I reached the hem of his shirt. I lifted his shirt up, dragging my nails along his back as I did so. A shiver was sent up his spine, causing me to giggle a bit.

He pulled his head away so he could lift his shirt over his head. He quickly took my shirt off before connecting his lips to mine again. He licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I decided to tease him and kept my mouth closed.

He groaned and bit my lip, but I didn't budge. He kept biting my lip harder but I still kept my mouth closed. He gave up and started to undo my jeans. He pulled them down and allowed me to kick them off the bed. He began to rub me through my panties, getting me to moan. He took that opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth. I playfully groaned, a smile on both of our faces. He pulled his hand away, causing me to whine into his mouth.

Our tongues fought for dominance for a while before his won. He let his tongue explore every inch of my mouth, the bulge in his pants beginning to get larger. He snaked his hands around to my back and quickly unclipped my bra, tugging it off of me. He tossed it to the ground, beginning to grope my breasts.

I moaned into his mouth as he twisted my nipple, making me wetter by the second. He broke the kiss and began to suck on them, nibbling my nipple a bit. I moaned, Andy using his free hand to slide my panties off. He slid a finger inside of me, causing me to gasp. He smirked and added a second finger, thrusting them into me faster.

"Oh Andy." I moaned. He stuck a third finger into me and began to rapidly thrust them while he rubbed my clit, making my moans even louder. My body thrashed around for a bit before I came all over Andy's hand. He pulled his hand out of me and seductively licked his fingers clean.

He spread my legs wide and dove his head in between them, beginning to lick up the rest of my cum. He stopped at my clit and began to suck on it, getting me to moan again. He alternated between my clit and stuffing his tongue inside of me. He wrapped his arms around my thighs to hold me still. I came again on his face. Andy sat up and licked his lips clean, flashing a huge smile at me.

I grabbed Andy by the wrists and pinned him down to the bed, kissing his lips before leaving a trail of kisses down his body. I quickly undid his jeans and slid them down, throwing them across the room. I grabbed the elastic of his boxers with my teeth and pulled them down, his rock hard erection springing out.

I wrapped my hand around his length, pumping it. I rubbed my thumb over his slit, causing him to moan. I used my other hand to play with his balls, Andy moaning even louder. I leaned down and licked up his shaft, swirling my tongue around his tip. I took all of him in, deep throating him.

"Oh god, Niki!" He moaned, throwing his head back. I smirked, starting to pump him again and sucking on his balls. I went back to sucking his throbbing cock, I could tell he was close. Andy tangled his fingers in my hair, forcing me to deep throat him over and over again. He finally came, his jets shooting into my mouth. I sat up and swallowed it with a smile.

"Oh my god, I need to fuck you." Andy said, pinning me to the bed and pulling a condom out of his drawer. He ripped it open and slipped it onto his length, spreading my legs and positioning himself at my entrance.

He thrusted into me, causing me to squeal. He thrusted a few more times before finding a steady pace, both of us moaning.

"Oh Andy." I moaned, wrapping my arms around his neck. "F-Faster." I begged and he obeyed, picking up speed, causing me to moan louder. The faster he got, the louder I got.

"Shit Andy! Fuck yes!" I squealed, wrapping my legs around his waist. He reached down and began to rub my clit, my moans getting even louder.

"SHIT! FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN BIERSACK!" I screamed, feeling extra needy. He began to slam into me, causing me to scream as loud as I could. I listened to his little grunts as he pounded into me. I felt my walls begin to tighten around his member and I knew I was close.

"I'm so close." I warned. He kept plowing into me and began to rub my clit as fast as he could. It wasn't long before I came, my eyes rolling into the back of my head and my toes curling. Andy kept thrusting into me until he came as well, collapsing on top of me in a big, sweaty mess. He rolled off of me and pulled me close to him, passionately kissing my lips.

"I'm so proud of you Niki." He panted.

"Thanks." I giggled as he kissed my forehead.

"I love you Niki."

"I love you too Andy." I said, cuddling into his sweaty chest.

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