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Its been two years since that happened, but to me it feels like it was yesterday. I'm almost finished with college now, and I've moved in with a roommate near the school. Her name was Megan Batoon. She was a nice Filipino girl who has curly brown hair that touched her shoulders. She was the same height as me, maybe a few inches shorter and she was very outgoing.

She was the one who found me near Haunted Road where people would see girls walking in the streets. And no one knows why. Glad I past out before I could tell I was lying in that road. I remember her carrying me to her car and she gently sat me in the passenger's seat, but I was too beat up to say anything. She took me to her house and asked me a bunch of questions, but then detectives came and got me and that's how that day went.

After that Megan offered me a room in her house that I could easily pay off half of the rent and bills, then that's how we became friends. We later figured out that we went to same college. That was two years ago. And its hard to forget what happened, that's why I have worse case scenarios all the time. I'm afraid to go out by myself. I can't have a boyfriend or even a guy friend. I don't even trust men. I hated that because for the past years guys have asked me out nonstop and they were very cute. People even asked me if I was lesbian. I don't know if I am. I think I'm not attracted to anything.

I did once like a boy, Liam Payne before I got kidnapped, but our friendship fell apart and he started dating Megan which I'm fine with. Neither both of them knew that I liked him. But sometimes I do get jealous. When the three of us would go out, I'd always be the third wheel. I would stay home but I'm afraid that I'll get kidnapped again especially when I'm alone. That's how I began to get a new hobby.

It was about 5:30 p.m., I started to walk to the library from my house and knowing me, I'll walk on the sidewalks of main street so that everyone could see me. Our neighborhood is quiet too quiet. Sometimes it bugs me because my mind always thinks that everyone has gone missing but the neighborhood has always been like that. But still I always quickly jog until I get on Main. They're a few houses on Main Street. One belongs to Mr. Baster. An old man who looked mean and would yell at children who would walk by his house, but he liked me which would creep me out even more.

Around six I had reached the library safe and secure. I would always leave Megan a text message to know I'm alright, and she would respond quickly as possible and she did.

I stepped inside. I loved the smell of books with a hit of honey. There would be big shelves of books that would be to the left as soon as you walk in, and the tables where you could read would be on the right next to the librarian.

I walked around hoping to see any Urban Legend books because even though I'm already terrified of them, learning about them was very cool and it kept me calm. After a few minutes of searching, I picked one up. It was bigger than any book  I ever read. The title was '100 Urban Legends'. I quickly sat down on the farthest table from everyone, which was the nearest to the librarian. But before I could read my book, I saw a guy in a black hoodie staring at me from across the room. I tried to keep my eyes away from him, but his face was so beautiful, and his eyes just looked inside mine, but then I covered my face with the book.

I opened it up to the first chapter which was "Glad You Didn't Turn On the Lights". It was about a roommate who had came from the library and when she went to her room of which she shared her room with a girl, she heard the girl making shrieking kind of noises so she kept the lights off , because she thought she was having sex with someone but the next morning she found her roommate dead and when she turned around she found writings on her wall that was in blood 'Glad You Didn't Turn the Lights On". I quickly closed the book, thinking of Megan and checked out the book. After that I quickly ran out of the library to go home.

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