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Yellow by Coldplay

Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you. And all the things that you do. And it was all yellow.

The sound of Coldplay filled the cold bathroom as she prepared her tools.

‘You’ve been gone too long Harper. Therefore I’m coming for you.’

The girl’s hair, ranging from a hazelnut brown to a honey blonde, was placed in a neat bun to minimize messiness. She was dressed in old, paint-splattered shorts and a band tee advertising Fall Out Boy’s music.

‘I miss you Harper.’  

She climbed inside of the porcelain tub and grabbed a razor. Soon her leg was covered with blood and the skin was shredded. She waited for the pain to dull until moving on to another area. Her arms and wrists soon overflowing with crimson blood. She dropped the blade and grabbed her phone laying nearby. A certain name flashed across the screen and she picked up.

“Hi” she smiled “ I did it. I’m going to find Harper.”

“What? Harper’s dead. How can you-” The responder quieted abruptly “ I’m on my way. Don’t do anything stupid.”

“Too late” she whispered.

The phone shut off afterwards and she revelled in her daydreams. The amount of blood she lost had left her in a hallucinatory state. The real world and reveries were blurred together. She opened her eyes, focusing her attention on the song playing on repeat.

Do you know? For you I bleed myself dry. For you I bleed myself-

The last word drifted in the air, unheard, for they fell upon deaf ears.

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