The Ghosts in the Back Room

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Jacob lives in a house with Natalie and Jon his so called foster parents. What Jacob doesn't know it how dangerous Natalie and Jon are. Jacob is haunted by ghosts and he thinks they are out to harm him. Who are these ghosts?


This book is about a boy Jacob who has spent his life living with his carers Natalie and Jon. Jacob is the only one in the house who has the ability to hear the ghost. Who is the ghost? as you read this story you shall find out!!! Some people may class this book as horrow but i say it is more of a scary mystery :)

I also decided to write this story in first person as, i personally found it easier t capture the mood and be in the moment.

This story will take some time to do, i wish for no hate comments ect, only constructive criticism as i have all ready had my confidence knocked over time. xxx

Fionaa_Joyy xxx

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