I'm Just Different

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I walk down the hallway. As I walk there are children screaming and running everywhere you turn. They range from the age of three to nine. Ms. Atkinson wanted me to meet her in her office today after school. I already know the reason why.

Once you turn eighteen and finish high school you are too old to be an orphan. You are considered an adult. There is one week left for all the seniors at River High till we graduate. Whereas I’ll be eighteen this July which means till the end of August I will have to find a place to stay till I head off to college.

I turned the corner to her office. When I approached her, in there she was at her desk probably filing papers for children leaving and the ones who arrived. To her left there’s about five shelves of books color coded from left to right. The other side of her is a door, I’m guessing the bathroom.

I sat in the chair across from her.

“Good afternoon Saige” she sounded a bit upset in a way.

“Good afternoon” I responded.

“Did you know you are probably one of the most behaved teenagers here” well there are only six of us. “In exactly one month you will be eighteen. Since you will only have a month till you head off for school after your birthday, I want you to help out with all the little ones”

“Sure” my voice cracked.

I remember those days. The days you would sit there and pray for someone that will adopt you to be part of their family. For you to be their daughter or son. When you didn’t, day after day other kids would be adopted. The married couples always went for the ones who weren’t even a year old. They would look at you like you were a monster.

“I’m going to miss you” she told me. It’s great to hear that. The other five teenagers just want me gone. They always tell me I’m geeky and I will never find someone that loves me.

“Don’t worry I’ll call and we still have two months” I said as I felt a smile starting to curl.

“Okay. I got it”

I got up and walked away.

At least one person will think of me.

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