Chapter 2

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Alx  P.O.V.

I woke up to a crash, I quickly ran towards the other room. I heared panting and whispering. I slowly open the door. I looked at my brother, he was shaking, his eyes were wide, and his fist was covered with blood. I panicked and ran up to him.I pulled him away from the broken mirror and onto his bed. A....A....Alxandier..... GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM, he growled. I obeyed. He can be very violent. "Sorry for trying to fucking help you." I muttered "I don't need your FUCKING HELP ALX." he yelled

I slammed his door and went to my room. I had to get ready soon. I grabbed my phone and texted scar.

Me: hey scar

Scar: hai biaatch wuts up?

Me: Are you at school yet?

Scar:No D: is something wrong?

Me: Yea Dominik yelled at me  :/

Scar: Whatcha do?

Me: I tried to help him and then he yelled at me for helping him ):

Scar: I'll pick you up, If you want

Me: Yes Thank you

Scar: No Problem :p

I put my phone away, and turned on the TV. I looked at the time and put on a Falling In Reverse T-shirt with Black Skinnies and Purple Shoes. I walled out of my room and then out of nowhere Scar popped out and screamed boo. I jumped and screamed. My brother was next to her and started laughing. "You meanies I hope you die in hell."  Scar  then said "Miley Cyrus for example it's utter hell watching her twerk." Oh my SQUAK I forgot to feed Squaky."She walked away. My brother and I looked at each other, "Alx I am sorry for what happen this morning, I wasn't quite myself ."

" Its okay" I replied, which was a lie. I hated that he yelled at me and he never yells at me. I started to walk away, when he grabbed me and made me look at his eyes. "Don't you lie to me Alx, I know I hurted you, " I looked at him and said "Yes it did hurt a lot when you said that to me, I was just trying to help you, I know you don't liked being helped, but what other choice do we have, we are in this together, for better or for worse." I looked at him and his beautiful eyes.

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