“That’ll be two pounds please,” she says softly with a smile to make me feel welcome into the Greggs store. I pass the correct change over the counter while she passes me my pastry. “Have a good day,” she replies and I smile without saying a word.

Along the road, I tuck into my pastry for the pastry to crumble in my mouth, the sweet filling inside leaves my taste buds wanting more. The crisp air of a London Summer morning nips at my skin, which makes me pull my cardigan over my chest more. Just at the top of the road, my dance crew set up so we can start our morning street dance.

My name is Kirsty, I am 22, and I live in London working as a street dancer. My eyes are brown and my hair is brown too.

“Where did you go?” Lauren bounces at me and ignores the packing of my pastry, “I went to Greggs,” I mumble through a mouthful of food and then she notices the packing, “oh right, I might get some actually,” she says and disappears around me, to which I believe is towards Greggs. Lauren is one of my best friends, and I met her when I joined the dance crew. From being with the dance crew for a few years now, I have made best friends with all of them, and I also made myself a relationship. Danny. Danny is his name, and he is quite the handsome chap, but even though I am in a relationship with him, I know that we’re not meant to be together. He’s recently started to take a minimal amount of notice of me, and I’ve caught him a number of times eyeing other girls and chatting them up. I don’t make a fuss over it, because I am planning to break up with him and hopefully find Mr Right.

“Enjoying that baby,” Danny’s voice is by my left side and I look up to him, but my eyes narrow to block out the bright sun which dazzling behind him, “I am thanks,” I say and take another mouthful of my pastry, “I bet I taste better than that,” he whispers into my ear and pecks my cheek before walking off to help the crew. Danny is also crude and likes to make innuendos. To be honest, it’s disgusting and annoying.

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