- The Rabbit and the Hare

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Where the wild waves of the sea border the plain, near the pine trees that surround the first rock-diamond, spent a lonely rabbit that he established a large red silk bag amethyst. When approaching his burrow, the rabbit filled the bag seat 

Amethyst with air and then kept all his wealth. Three jewels of virtue, temperance a coin, a stone-bronze sun and a moon-stone of feeling. So just realized that the rabbit had undone the air, and therefore, picking a transparent bubble breath, threw it in the bag amethyst crimson silk, tied the top of the bag and followed along the path of the hare. 

The rabbit skirted the first rock-diamond leaving the meadow of the night and went back into the wild garden Sandalwood. From a distance he saw a whitish creature like snow. Lead flowers around him. Birds of mercury landed in olive alabaster. Poppies onyx, linen and lace.

The rabbit stepped in comfortable watched harder wool . With gentle gestures she moved subtly, after see who was approaching. Curious she abandoned the flower that stared with eyes and went to the bunny question what was that red bag and what was inside . Cortes received the rabbit hare with great flattery , but was reluctant to say what was in the red bag amethyst silk. The delicate and coarse reminders began with the passage of time tones were taking. The more he refused , the hare was more curious . Until the going down of the sun and the rabbit arrived threatened to leave. However , the hare did not want the " poor " were rabbit . She pranced and sang sweetly wrapped the olive alabaster playing subtly in many poppies onyx . Until the rabbit demanded a kiss for each of poppies linen that were in the garden , though , could not count them . The hare was so curious that almost did not mind the kiss and began to follow the rabbit walked away. Where he went , she went too. And time passed ... And the more time spent , more hare demonstrated that it was worthy of their trust, but the rabbit stood firm . That's when the hare questioned the true content of scarlet silk bag amethyst . And so the rabbit pulled the seal of breath , untied the laces of his spirit and showed the hare what was inside the red bag amethyst silk. Hare dissatisfied with the contents checked several times to make sure that the material that was there for so long was that same . Three stones of rubies she never owned or seen in your life . A coin of temperance , a stone - bronze sun and a moon stone common sense . Bored forced a joke, until he saw a bear beyond the nearest ridge. Curious to see what the bear had the hare told the whole truth to the rabbit. Have not thought more worthy of being with him , because I never saw or touched rubies in life or things possessed of such value. And for this reason would look for someone who was not as good as her. The unhappy bunny allowed what could not stop , so the hare was to bear encounter of the first ridge. The rabbit saw the bear when the hare was in his direction . Without knowing anything back for his first land , and can not see, but only imagine it being eaten by the bear.

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