"Jason, wake up!"

Percy's voice shook him from his sleep. Weird, he didn't have any dreams.

"What happened, where are we?" Jason asked

"Well, we were eating lunch and then a bunch of poison people got us and threw us in the ocean. luckily I shielded the impact and took us to the nearest area of land and now we are somewhere in India," Percy replied.  Jason looked at Percy, who looked as calm and casual as possible.

Jason surveyed his surroundings. he was in some small forest. he heard the distant sound of an elephant and trumpets.

"I thought India was a modern, first-world country."

"Yeah, me too maybe we are in ancient India, Annabeth was telling me about the mythology and the time before even Greece existed" Percy exclaimed.

"Speaking of Annabeth, where is she, and the others?"

"I have no idea, but I could feel other warm blooded creatures around us, but then we landed on the beach and then we passed out, might have just been dolphins."

"Great, we are in a country before even the Gods were full fledged gods and we do not know the language," Jason said

"That is the least of our problems. Look!" Percy yelled.

They drew their swords, and charged at the beast.

The beast was practically a Giant lung fish, and devoured everything in his path. It was so big Jason could practically tough his eyes only if he hovers 3 feet off the ground and reaches his sword up, extending his full arm

They ran at the beast and sliced at its hide. Percy was knocked back into the sea by the beast's mighty fins. Jason flew up and tried to shock it, only to be devoured.

Jason stayed in his mouth, and didn't let it swallow. Jason did not like being in a giant lung fish mouth.

"Jason!" Percy yelled.

Jason shot up, "Yeah!"

"I need you to get swallowed."


"Go down for about 20 seconds and stop; make sure your hands and feet are on the walls of the esophagus then use your electricity and arch it up and down the throat hold it for at least a minute. The least it could do is paralyze the thing by electrifying it. I'll try my best to keep it from eating any more things"

"What makes you so sure this would work?"

"Nothing but pure adrenaline, plus the knowledge of everything that lives in the water"

"Alright, here goes, " and Jason plunged to the belly of the beast"

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