112- the phoenixs presits

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I was on a s rank mission declared to fairy tail. I got asked to take it so I did in was to find a weapon. I competed it within a few days, with laxous help and he take it to his father, and I went the other way. I walked through the desert and there was a girl sitting under the tree. "Hey you okay?" I asked her.

She looked at me as if I wanted her. "Get away from me."She snapped.

I since a strange energy from her. "You need some rest come with me or ill use force.” I smiled at her

She looked at me if I was crazy. “Just to the next town. I’ll pay. You don't have to tell me any think but your name. I’m sliver." I said to her putting my hand out.

She took it. "eclica." she relied.

I took her to the next town paid for dinner and analyse her energy. Then she left. What the hell was with the stone on her neck? I better get back to the guild. I paided the flow back to the guild took about three days. The other where back... "Did use do what you need to?” I asked Ezra

"No we screwed up." she sighed.

"Well I completed mine, where’s Lucy at. I have buses nines with her and she wore skirt.” I said.

"She when back to your place to put her stuff back."

"Oh. Laxus ya back!" I screamed.

"Sliver what’s up.” he yelled back.

“I have a bone to pick with you." I screamed at him in anger.

I went up to the second floor and dragged him out. I took him up to the top off the roof. "Does grandps know what that weapons for?"

"Yes but he won’t tell me, its council business."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, and he also ask why we haven't tried to kill each other in a while."

"Did you tell him?"

"No it’s our secret."

"Good. I’m going back in."

"I’m going too sat up here for a while."

"Suit yourself."

I went back in and elicra was there, she looked seriously injured. "Eirclare?"I said.

"Great you’re from here."

"Yeah okay now, you’re going to have to talk, you can sat with me and Lucy, well protected you."I smiled

The others agreed and she tried to turn us off but it didn't work that work that encouraged us more.

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