i woke up and took a quick shower, i decided to wear some blue jeans and a white shirt with some white Nike's. i headed to the living room where i saw liam, Louis, and harry. 

"good morning sleepy beauty: Louis screamed

"don't call me that" i shouted back

i see that Louis and liam were dressed up i think their were going out.

"where you guys going" i asked curious

"going out for lunch wanna come" liam offered

"No I'm good" i said 

then they left i went to see what was harry doing and he was still sleeping. so i decided to go to my room and see a movie.


a few hours later liam, Louis and niall came back, their were in a good mood i figure they had fun. 

"guys clean up, I'm cooking dinner and i invited nialls new friend" liam shouted so everyone could hear him

"who is she" i asked

"her names Giselle shes our new neighbour" niall said

i just nodded while harry comes in the room with his hair all wet i figured he just finish taking a shower.

"dude hurry up and change nialls friend is coming any minute" Louis yelled at harry 

"is she fit" that was the first thing harry said. 

"hell yea she is shes smokin" Louis said

with that harry went upstairs to his room to get change and i just layed in the sofa and watch TV till this girl Giselle comes.


since i came back from hanging out with niall and his friends i had nothing to do. so i decided to call my dad since his on a business trip and i haven't spoke to I'm since he left. 

we talked about how was i doing and when will he come back and other stuff and he told me that i should call my mom and tell her how was i doing and i told him i would and then i hang up.

i dialed my moms number and she was crying over the phone saying how she misses me and she cant wait till i come back home i told her i would go see her in a few weeks and she had to hang up because she was going out with her friends.

i decided to take a nap since niall hasn't text me to go to his house to go have dinner. 


i tried running away from him. it was dark. i was in the forest i kept running fast but then i trip over a branch. the gut got me and started to kiss me touch me and i started screaming NO NO NO PLEASE STOP.


i woke up sweating i haven't have that dream since i came to England. i try to relax until i hear a knock in my door. i opened it and saw niall.

"hey ready to eat" niall said

"yea" i got my phone and keys and left too niall room. i saw liam in an apron and Louis helping him and two guys sitting in the couch staring at me. THIS IS AWKWARD i said inside my head.


"ill go get her" niall shouted and left the room.

me and harry sat down the couch. the door open and i saw niall coming with a girl. Dam she was beautiful. she had black straight hair, dark brown eyes and beautiful skin. she was perfect.

"guys this is Giselle my friend" niall said 

hey beautiful I'm harry styles" harry said while kissing her hand. i think she got disgust because she pulled her hand really fast.

"hey I'm zayn" i said while shaking her hand.

"hey I'm Giselle" she said while shaking my hand. her hand was so small which was cute. i felt these sparks when i touch her hand.

i was in my own world when liam shouted to Giselle to come to the kitchen. 

we all went to the kitchen and sat down to get ready to eat. liam made pasta with chicken. we all started to eat and we got to know Giselle more.

"that was delicious liam thanks" Giselle said

"no problem its great that you liked it" liam said

well all finish Giselle offered to clean the dishes which liam said no but she still did it anyways. the rest of the guys sat down in the couch. it was me harry and in the other couch was niall Giselle and liam.

i notice harry kept looking at Giselle. i got mad. wait why am i mad i don't like her do i . no no no i just met her. well i think i do and i dont want harry to like her cause i do. i was interrupted by liam asking Giselle a question.

"what brings you here"

Giselle was about to answer when her phone starts to ring. she picked up 

"hey.. yea... that's great... again.. fine ill be their right now.... bye" she hang up and said she had to leave 

"No its early the fun hasn't even started" niall whine

"sorry ill promise tomorrow will do anything you want" she said 

"fine" niall said while giving her a hug then it was liam, Louis, then harry and then me. i hugged her i didn't wanted to let go she smelled good. i let go and said bye. then she left and we all went to our rooms.


i said bye to all the boys and then i saw Taylor standing in front of our door. Taylor looked at me strange maybe because i came out of the boys room.

"why were you inside their" Taylor said 

"well i made friends and they invited me to eat dinner" i said 

" oh okay well sorry if i disturb you i forgot my keys" Taylor said

"its alright" i opened the door and i went to my room and changed in my pj's. i layed on my bed thinking of stuff. i was tired and decided to go to sleep.




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