*Ashlyn's POV*

"Nanas dead." Devan blurts out and she starts sobbing uncontrollably. What? That can't possibly be true. There's no way. I hear my phone vibrate and I ignore it and try to comprehend what Devan just told me. "What?" I blurt. She can't even talk from crying. 

I hear my phone start vibrating again and I groan and grab it. "What?" I say into the phone angrily. "Ashlyn, it's Lindsey. Is Devan okay?" She asks and Dad and Harry run into the room. "Dad, get her." I mouth and he nods. I stand up and walk out in the hallway and Harry follows me. 

"What the fuck is going on?" I say into the phone. "Is Devan okay?" She yells at me. "No, what the fuck is going on?" I say again. "Jerry died." Lindsey says. "No, that is impossible. How could he just fucking die. After every single thing that has been thrown at him and he made it through and he just dies in the middle of the night. No. No. No." I say into the phone shaking my head and I can feel tears forming in my eyes. Harry looks at me worridly. 

"It's true. Me and Chase came in here to check on him because Devan asked us to. When we got here he was laying in his chair like always and I figured he was just taking a nap and I kept saying 'come on let's get up' and he wouldn't wake up and then Chase tried to get him to wake up and he checked his heartbeat and there was nothing." She says, her voice cracking and she starts to cry. Her voice already sounds strained from crying.

"Chase called the cops and I called Devan because I had to be the one to tell her." She says. I hear talking in the background. "Okay." I hear Lindsey say. "Look, Ashlyn, I've got to go, but Devan needs to get out here as soon as she can and I really think you should come with her. She'll need you." Lindsey says. I barely understand because of her crying. I probably don't look or sound much better. I've got so many tears running down my face and I keep hiccuping. 

Harry isn't saying anything but he's watching me very closely. "All right. Dad's with Devan and I gotta talk to Harry." I say. "Okay, love you." She says. "Love you too." I say and hang up. I look at Harry and lean against the wall and slide down it. He sits down next to me. "What? What happened?" He asks. "Devan's Nana died last night. I don't understand how. He's dealt with so many health problems and he just dies in his sleep in the middle of the night. Devan isn't gonna have anywhere to go." I say looking up at Harry. I start crying worse. He pulls me into his arms.

I stand up. "I can't cry. I have to be strong for Devan. She needs me. I can't be weak." I say wiping at my eyes and I walk into my room before Harry has anything to say back. "Hey dad can I talk to you?" I ask. He nods and whispers something to Devan and then follows me to the hallway. 

"Did she tell you?" I ask. He nods. "Well, she's gonna have to go back to America sooner than expected, I think the three of us should go with her." I say. Harry automatically nods but dad looks uncertain. "What about Hunter and the girls?" He asks. "Louis, Eleanor, the boys and their girlfriends would love to watch them. They love them." Harry says and I look at dad. "Are they good with kids?" He asks. "Oh, absolutely. Especially Lou and El. Plus Hunter will be there to help." Harry says. Dad nods. "Okay, I guess we can. But how are we gonna pay for tickets, Ashlyn?" Before I can even speak Harry cuts me off.

"I will pay for your tickets." he says. "Oh no you will not, we can figure out a way to pay for them on our own." I say. "Ashlyn, you guys can't afford to buy tickets right now. Besides I'm gonna have to pay for all your tickets and stuff when we go on tour." He says. I frown. "But I don't want to have to burden you with that." I say. "I've got more money than I know what to do with, just let me." He says. I look up at Dad. "Fine, Harry. I will slowly pay you back eventually." Dad says.

"No, don't worry about that. My treat." Harry says. Dad looks uneasy. "We'll see." He says. "Harry will you go sit with Devan, I need to talk to dad about something." I say. "Okay." He says and wipes a tear off my face and kisses my cheek. "Dad, can we adobt Devan?" I blurt out. He looks taken back. "Wh-what?" he says. "Can we adobt Devan? She has nowhere to go, no one she can live with. So we should adobt her." I say. He thinks about it. "Well I've got enough money in the emergency fund that we could adobt her with, I mean this is kinda an emergency, right?" he asks and I nod.

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