Chapter 2

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Kill her! Do it now!!

Kill her! KILL HER!!


"Oh god!" I said gasping for breath. That was one insane dream. Probably from the music I listen to. I looked around my red and black room. There wasn't a ray if sunshine peeking through my black spider web curtains, the room was cold and sad. Just how I like it. I walked over to my dresser and acknowledge my reflection. Pale, ivory skin, jet black hair with red highlights, and two lip piercings. I went to the bathroom when done I wasted my hands and walked over to my closet. All my clothes were as gray as the sky. I decided to wear my gray skinny jeans with a tank top that has a picture of a evil cat. Threw on my black converse with my deep blood red cardigan. I went downstairs. It was quiet as usual. My mom was probably still sleep. I drunk some cranberry juice and are a bowl of coco puffs. I checked my phone it was 7:30. I put my bowl in the sink and walked to school.


Hey guys! Liking the story so far? I hope so! It's a lot if writing this story so I hope you guys enjoy it. :))


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