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When you think about it we are so small compares to the universe and if we weren't here anymore it wouldn't change anything. I could disappear and nothing would change. I'm just a small, teen, tiny, minuscule speck in the work and an even smaller speck compared to the universe. Even the biggest of stars are just small dots in the sky to you and me. So why would I matter?

The night sky is so beautiful. However that beauty comes only over long periods of time and pain; most of the beauties in the sky are the remains of dead stars obliterated into dust clouds to forever wonder around the universe as vagabonds. But one day those clouds of dust will create a new star that will shine so bright it will blind you. It will change the whole universe. It will create a home for a new better species of life which would depend on it. Then one day when it dies its last flickers will inspire a new generation of stars. The only left remains will create a master piece of art in the sky. There will be masses of colour painted across the whole sky leaving not an inch of black, the only thing visible would be the swirls of blue, purple and pink in the sky, dotted with millions of new stars that light the night sky.

Not all things are useless, unimportant, a waste of space. That star changed the lives of so many things in the universe. YOU could be that star. YOU could change everything forever. YOU don’t need to be small, YOU could inspire millions.

YOU could be the future.

just something small. it probably doesn't make sense but there you go.

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