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"So, what's your favorite thing to do Samuel?" I draw out the 'el', because I wanted to tease him a bit.

"Singing." He simply answers. I look shocked. "What about you?"

I giggle. "Glad you asked, same thing." He looks up from unpacking boxes and puting papers and such into his desk thingy. "Really?' He asks, unsure.

"Heck yeah. I don't play any instruments, but I love to just sing when I can. I don't know, it helps out sometimes." I blush.

He looks up at me in awe; because I'm sitting on his bed and rearanging some of his clothes, while he's sitting down in the floor doing the same with papers. He says. "Wow." That's it, then he go's back down to reading papers.

After a little bit I ask, "Sing me something?" I look down at the shirt I am folding, it's just a plain pink T. But, guyish, I guess you could say. My checks get hot and immediately regret asking him.

He just keeps wrestling with his papers down at the ground. He then hands me a piece a paper. Written on the top of it says "I Tried". I look over at him.

"It's the song I wrote when my mom moved away, it just... It helped me get my feelings out."

I look down at the paper and started to read it. "Hold up." Sam said before I could read the first line. "Let me sing it to you." He got up off the ground and went to the closet to get something. He comes out with a guitar.

He then starts to play and he starts to sing:

It's been hard to figure out where I'm going

And it's been hard, to keep this down, without them knowing.

I have to find a way to hide the pain.

But nothing makes me wanna have to change

So maybe it's time to let free

Forget about the things when it was 'we'.

I'm loosing my mind, now I see.

Well I tried.

I saw you smiling.

For the first time.

But I knew it wasn't for me.

You took my heart away.

You said I was going to be.

I thought I had you close,

But not quite.

But now I'm gonna have to change my mind.

But maybe it's time to let free

Forget about the things when it was 'we'.

I'm loosing my mind now I see.

Well, I tried (x2)

Maybe the last... so goodbye

And now you know.

I did always try.

Well I tried.

I did always try.

Well it's been hard to figure out,

Where I'm going.

And it's been hard, to keep this down,

Without them knowing.

So maybe it's time to let free.

Forget about the things when it was 'we'.

I'm loosin my mind now I see.

Well, I tried. (x3)

Daring the song I had gotten up, God only knows why, and went over to him. I wanted to touch him, touch his face while he was singing. What is wrong with me? Who does that kind of stuff? A crazy women, that's who. Once he finished I said:

"Wow Sam. That was amazing. You really do have an amazing voice. It's so pure.." I say kind of shyly. Now it's really awkward. I just stand there, he stands up right in front of my face and says while rubbing the back of his neck. "Thanks, that's what Papa Roy always says." He laughs.

After a little while of us just staring at one another, he finally asks me a dreading question.. One I was not looking forward to.. Not yet anyway.


Update. Yay! haha. Hope you like, kind of a cliff hanger, maybe? I don't know, you tell me.(:

Anyway, if you wanna know what he's gonna ask,





Love you Woolfies.(:

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