My new lunch table

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As me and Kelsi walked into the lunch hall, we immediately saw frantic waving from the popular lunch table. Anyone else would be full of joy if this was happening to them, even Kelsi asked if they were waving at us in disbelief. I, on the other hand, just sighed. I reluctantly walked over to the table and sat next to Oscar and Kelsi sat down beside me. Madison gave me a wide smile which I returned, only half as wide. A few conversations were being made and Dan flirted with Kelsi. Kelsi had actually had a crush on Dan for about a year. I smiled at her, her face filled with happiness as she spoke to him. Ryan attempted to talk to me "What did you do in you're last lesson?" He asked.

"You know what we did, we had english together, so how did you get down here so fast?" I asked.

"The crowd just parts for me," Ryan replied arrogantly. I rolled my eyes. I finished my packet of crisps and got up to walk to art. "Wait," Ryan said, I turned back around, "We have art together, I'll walk with you," he said and I was suprised that he remembered. I raised my eyebrows as he got up and started to walk with me. "So, how d'ya like sitting with the king of the school today?" he asked. "Who are we talking about here?" I asked.

"Obviously me," he replied confirming that he was a big headed jerk. "Well, to be honest, I prefer my own table," I answered, smirking. "You," I said "are boring." I laughed, hoping that I put a slight dent in his ego. Not likely, I thought, rolling my eyes.

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