I stood by the tent where Zoey was sleeping in. Just in 2 years, I made enemies, got my home blown up, and had to experienced my partner losing an arm.

Luckily, I made peace with Sjin, but Duncan..I wasn't sure. I kind of, may have threaten him. So I'm guessing, yes. Sjin apparently is going to have a SjinDig, and he invited me, Zoey, and Teep. He invited everyone else, including Duncan, so I'm gonna have to watch my steps. I wasn't going to go, but obviously, Zoey used her puppy eyes to let us party. I agreed to go but I was worried. I had a bad feeling about this. But if it makes Zoey happy, I'm fine with it. Because Zoey is like Nathan and my mother. They're part of the group of people who helped me forget my terrible past and made my life better.

After all, I was an Enderborn that had a horrible past, and betrayed his kind.

Past of the Betrayal Enderborn is done! Thank you everyone who read my story! You guys are the best!

(Update: I mentioned that I could not write the sequel of this story anymore because I did not have the inspiration for it. However, @ying-yangangel is continuing the story for me. Go check it out; it's called the Borderline of the Enderborn)

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