Chapter 2: Kiss me

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{Anna's Pov} 

We all started hanging out. Noelle Started talking to Nash while i gave Matt a tour of the apartment building.  We started to catch up because oh my god i missed him so much.  Me and Hayes have been really good friends since about secound grade and then about 6 months ago we stopped talking for some reason. He told me how he has been going on tour with other viners at a event called MagCon. After the tour i grabbed my guitar and we decided to go sit outside by the bonfire. The main entrence was in the lounge so we had to go a secret way. i scanned my key and it let us outside. i started playing Kiss me by Ed Sheeran. I was looking into Matt's eyes the enitire time. We kissed. I felt 1 billion sparks fly. 

{Matt's POV} 

We went outside and Anna was singing With her guitar. She sang Kiss Me. 

Kiss me Like you wanna be loved

I Really wanted to kiss her. Boom i kissed her. Zayum she was an amazing kisser. I didn't want to stop. we Kissed for about 15 seconds but it felt like a year. I knew I was in love with her. 

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