A/N: Chapter Song: Happy by Pharrell Williams


~Louis Pov~

I wake up with a pair of arms wrapped around me. I'm so glad we came out and they accepted us.

"Lou, I made breakfast for you guys and I'll be able to take you to school since I'm not working today" jay says as I enter the kitchen

"Thanks okay, I'm going to eat and then I'll get ready" I say making her nod

"Boo" I hear a yawn behind me. I turn around to see harry rubbing his eyes, can't he get any cutier?!

"Good morning babe" I say making him blush and walk over to me but not before saying 'morning' to jay.

"Aww look at you two" jay squeals

"I'm sleepy" harry says as he rests his head on my shoulder before grabbing a piece of my pancake and dipping it on the syrup.

"Hazzzz" I whine making him chuckle

"Here you go, I'm going to go get ready" jay says handing harry his breakfast. Jay leaves us alone. Harry takes a bite of his food before sighing.

"It takes better from your plate" he pouts

"Nice try babe" I say leaning in to Peck his pouty lips. I'm about to pull away but he keeps kisisng me, shoving his tongue in my mouth.

"We need to eat" I say pulling away

"But why I want to kiss you!" he says

"Haz we need to go to school and also because your morning breathe stinks" I say making him gasp in offence

"Yours does too but you don't see me complaining" he says making me laugh

"Okay point taken" I say kisisng his nose before grabbing me plate and putting it on the sink.

"I'm going to shower" I say

"Can I join you?" he asks making me smile bright and nod.

〰〰〰〰〰 〰〰〰〰〰

"are you guys ready to go?" jay yells from downstairs, I quickly put on a red sweater before running downstairs. Harry comes down after me. He's wearing tight jeans, lose black shirt and his white converse, he looks hot as fuck.

"I'm ready now" he says as he comes and stands next to me. I hand him his dark blue jansport backpack as I put my black jansport backpack on as we follow jay to her car. She opens the back car door for harry and opens the front passenger seat for me, I wanted to sit with harry...

"You guys can sit together if you want" jay says chuckling as she sees my face expression. I nod and go with harry behind.

~Harry Pov~

louis hops in the seat next to me before putting on his seat belt.

"Hello" he whispers as jay starts driving making me smile.

"Hi you dork" I say making him laugh. He grabs my hand and interlocks our fingers. He brings my hand to his lips and plants a kiss on the back of my hand making me blush.

"I love you" he says softly

"I love you too but more though" I say making him playfully roll his eyes.

"Yeah right" he says but before he continues I put my lips on his to shut him up. He starts kissing back but we pull away since jay is still here.

"We're here" jay sing-songs after few minutes later.

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